Hearing the obvious

Today i heard the obvious.
do you ever have those days where you hear what you already know. yet hearing it again makes your heart tingle again and again. i couldn't believe how hearing what i already knew made me feel this way. Maybe being reaffirmed by the person sets the situation in stone.

yet, even though i knew it to be true.

It didn't stop from breaking my heart
but this truth wasn't something that i wanted to hear when everything about the timing was off. and the manner by which we talked about how things could have spread out, can spread out, will spread out, and are spreading makes me wonder.


at the same time

hoping for the best.
yet only it was handled so well.

And whether or not timing is everything in a situation like this... i can't help but wonder if the timing worked out perfectly to make sure something didn't happen. Funny how things work out. we'll see.


Thai Iced Tea


Tonight i had some excellent Thai iced tea.. and to no avail i am now awake and churning. I tried doing to some crunches and stretches to calm me and now i'm just even more alert. this isn't healthy i know.. and i have a full day of work tomorrow so i'm not quite sure what to do... a warm glass of milk?


new stuff to handle this month.

I want to be productive. Not like i wasn't in any sense last month. I was just busy all throughout september. but back in August when i was studying for my CPhT test, i felt accomplished again. like getting an A in school. I'm also proud to say that when i got my scores back for the PTCB i got an 830 out of 900. yessss.. feels like SATs again.. but better... since i'm more eligible for hire.

But seriously, I'm looking into going to classes again. And truthfully i'm open to anything. I think that it is time for me to explore my options again and really figure out something that piques my interest. So i've decided to enroll in some CE classes, an online course through Kaplan, and maybe look into getting language lessons somewhere. Whether it is more Korean or French again.. i haven't decided. I just realized that i enjoy studying and that the joy of learning hasn't died in me just yet.

It's time to get the ball moving in all sorts of directions and maybe somewhere in the midst of all this i'll figure something out, be inspired, and get some real good shit out there.

wish me luck.

and a Happy October to you too.