Flake does McQueen



I just can't get over these water colors.



So, I wrote a post earlier this year about bicycles and how much i fell in love with riding them again when i was in europe... And this past weekend I went out to the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop in LA... what can i say? I found it.

The bike of my dreams.

The Pashley Britannia.

This English bike gave me that same feeling when I put on my senior prom dress and knew that it was THE dress. THAT exact "match made in heaven" feeling tingled past every nerve as i took it for a test spin around the store's neighborhood. This is no joke. I almost cried when i walked away from the bike... why?

because the asking price is close to $1200.

I know many of you are like "that's ridiculous, why would anyone pay that much for a bike?" But The reason is because it's a beauty and it rides sooo amazingly smooth. I guess i'll never be happy with riding my car to work as i'm constantly looking for other ways to commute.


Tighten up

sorry. it's a music video kinda week.

This video is just too funny.

What me worry.

Something about this song just makes me feel so good. I suppose it also helps that St. Vincent's voice is just so incredibly soulful. And I must say that Andrew Bird's accompaniment really helps.

-sigh- Why aren't i living in France already?


Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers

Umm. How does this woman keep looking this great?

Going under my list of music videos I would not have minded being a part of.


LV + World Cup


When I saw this on Highsnobiety, I was speechless. For me, LV in the back of my head is not a bag i desire to carry any time soon but a piece of luggage i'd love to have in my collection when i'm a jet setting trendsetter. Therefore, seeing the bad boy World Cup Trophy encased in a LV custom made carrying case... made me oddly jealous.

June Vow: Goodbye Soda.

Last month, i went the entire time without buying a single item of clothing. That means no clothes and shoes. it taught me how much i spend(waste) time looking at clothes i want to buy and sales i rummage online. I noticed that i began to dedicate more time to finding things that will last me more than a few wear and tears. I also learned that whatever money i didn't spend on clothing, bless me, went to savings. And funny enough, when June 1st rolled around today, the first thing i wanted to buy wasn't clothes. So i've decided maybe every month i'll give up something.

This month's winner?
Soda, pop, cola, coke, coca, ... whatever you call it. I'm calling it quits for the month of June. I'm not really a heavy soda drinker, but i realized when i start drinking that stuff i can't stop. Especially since there is always soda available at work, i need to just back off.


Yes, because otherwise I can't survive. I love bubbly drinks but that doesn't mean they all have to be that dark caramel color.

i can therefore allow myself to drink mineral water.

So what can i work with?

1. Water
2. Milk
3. Juice (Orange... otherwise only fresh squeezed stuff)
4. Mineral Water

Here we go.

edit: shoot. what about alcohol?? Least caloric drink?? Vodka Tonic or Vodka (club) Sodas. is beer excluded too for this month too? ... maybe alcohol just won't count. This is going to be interesting.


I'm not so much a huge fan of MIA. A couple of her songs and that last NSFW music video "born free" that cause quite the stir recently have been on my list of things I like from her, but this photo shoot with her by Ryan McGinley awes me.

A simple reward.

Last month I vowed not to buy a single item of clothing.

And as a reward.

A pregnant woman rear-ends my car during my morning commute.


Does that mean I should just continue to buy clothing?

*sigh* My neck hurts. I guess it's time to revert back to taking the Metro.