Finding your strength

So, I'm a huge advocate for personality tests and explanations that follow thereafter. So you'll see i'm in tune with being an ENFJ on MyersBriggs, a number 7 on the enneagram, and a orange in colors (wow 10th grade anyone?). It isn't an obsessive need to know what kind of person i am... but rather a means to tell me how to improve the person i am or if not allocate why i react the way i do in certain situations. I also think that these personality tests do well in explaining a lot about a person's personality in words when not thought of otherwise. Also, its really interesting for me to see how i am with other people - it gives deeper meaning why i don't get along with some people and why others create synergy with me. And in light of all of various personality tests that are out there.. i've taken to another one!

Yena and Evelyn had told me about this one called the Strengths Finder by Tim Roth (a NYtimes #1 Bestseller). The book actually gives you what you will find out about yourself after you take an online test provided with a code exclusive to you after purchasing the book. It felt somewhat backwards to me, but i understood where it was taking me. After a 30 min slew of questions about things that seemed very relevant, somewhat relevant, and neutral to me it led me to five Top Strengths. As they like to put it..

So what am i?

1. Woo
2. Activator
3. Communication
4. Futuristic
5. Adaptability

Pretty spot on if you ask me.

But more importantly, what i enjoyed about this book was not only the little snippet they gave giving detailed information of each strength, but its checklist of things that will help in managing these strengths. The checklist gives you a place to really evaluate your strength and nuture it to be stronger. Because the Strength Finder isn't trying to spot your weaknesses and improve them so as to become more "equal" and "balanced" in life. It's a means to gain even more strength by your strengths and to care for what you're good at. ie. your Talents. Excellent book i would say... somewhat geared more towards the office world but nevertheless i'm excited to read about other people's strengths if they take this test as well.



When I'm Old...

So i found out today that my grandma has decided not to let the rest of the family in America take care of her but instead will be staying in Korea. Although I am not particularly happy with this decision, I cannot help but give her some credit for fighting this one out on her own. She decided that Korea is where she is comfortable and refuses to believe that just because there is family in the states that she will ultimately be happy here instead. But out of all this uproar in the family, I began to wonder if I would be the same if I got to be as old as my grandmother.

Though people could consider this situation to be senile and stubborn of my grandmother.. i don't particularly believe that it is. She has already given living in America a try and it did not go over too well... plus, she has friends and relatives (siblings) who come see her much more often than i see my brother now. I suppose in this whole situation it made me wonder how much people are willing to refuse what others think is best for them and do what they think is best for themselves instead. I want to be able to live like my grandmother when I'm her age. Not to say that i want to be alone with no nuclear family around... but more so that even after years of being dependent on a significant other, there is still stability and the strength to stand on one's own two feet. I suppose the only thing is to be supportive of her and make sure she hasn't hurt herself.


Finding bits and bobs

When i go on a mission to look for something around my house i always have a tendency to stray from what I was initially looking for.

today's treasures after searching for a calculator??

A load of gelly roll pens

A box with all my old earrings from high school

An iPod car charger

-- quite pleased.

unfortunately, i didn't find a calculator. Therefore will continue to do math problems on a cellphone. Cheers to my nV2.



I want to know

Generation of 20 somethings. Those just becoming, those developing and those leaving. A demographic where so many changes happen in life and so much could determine your future. I just want to know the way we change during these years.. or not change at all.



A special highlight

"Hello? Cardinal here!"

A special highlight of my day was speaking with the guy who takes the pharmacy's orders for certain wholesale generic brand drugs. What usually is composed of a 5 minute order where lots of numbers get tossed here and there, turned out to be a fullfledged 20 minute conversation on life. So this guy tells me about his life.. i mean not everything but enough for me to know that his 26 year old sounding voice is actually 35 and that he's married with a kid. But he tells me during this conversation how fortunate i am to be graduated now when the economy has decided to take a turn for the worse in this economic travesty. His reasons? Cut backs on school spending. greatly affected the future kids who are middle/high schoolers now. I suppose i thought we were the unfortunate generation, the "nobody can get a job" era, the failure to have a specialization leads to unemployment age, but no... there are kids out there who may be dreaming as big as we did.. but will not even get the opportunity to forge their dreams and culture their desires because a school can't fund certain classes, will not open registration for a semester, or completely slice out certain curriculum. scary thought.




Dear me.

Lots has happened since i've last blogged. The king of Pop died (RIP MJ), an angel fell (RIP FF), i've graduated officially from university, and now i have a nearly 3month old puppy - who is probably big enough to eat my hand off already. I suppose in that time though the self is what is important (in all self-loving ways) and that i, mySELF, have been tested over this period. and that in this search for SELF i've figured out a lot.

So it's been a trying period for me these past two/three weeks yet i'm finally learning things about myself that i thought would never have occurred. it's a beautiful thing i swear.

Moving forward, I've been meaning to finally get a creative outlet and I suppose my blog is the best place to start.

But by having a stolen camera, pressed for time from work, and time spent with my precious Ritzy... where is the time?

Then again, I finally got some prints off my Holga.. i should just ask f'in overpriced Samy's to just load my pictures on a CD-R. F'ers.

ask for my PPFFCC mix. it's pretty damn good.