This is my 200th post for my blog! (quietly patting myself on the back)

It's shocking that it took me this long to get to the 200th post considering I have over 2000 tweets and god knows how many different Facebook posts. Then again, when considering how different outlets there are nowadays on how you want to channel your creative, writing, and thoughtful energy .. i guess it's not all that shocking at all.

So it's June and i think it's about a good time to do a recap of my New Years resolution and see how I am feeling so far this year. Quite frankly, I couldn't honestly say that it's been the best, however it's thankfully not been the worst. I've already learned so much. Not only in terms of the world (thanks, NPR), but also in terms of myself and how I am able to identify a lot of what i'm feeling and sort it out without getting overly frustrated. Also, i had promised myself that this year i would see and try new things every month. Whether it involved taking off to a new place, listening to new things or even just trying new things in places i've already been - it's all about keeping myself stimulated. One too many times last year I found myself missing event after event that i wanted to see, but somehow kept on missing. But this year, i can say that i've done well for myself!

I won't go on about the new things i've done and tried over these past months, but i can definitely say that it's been a good ride thus far and i can't wait to see what else is ahead.

And a huge thanks to J, J, and D who had dinner with me tonight and really helped me realize how good things have been. Puts things into perspective.