Window Cleaning.

documented with mom's cam.
It's been miserably rainy the last few days here in the usual sunny southern california. I think it's all stemming from last week's insane 80+ degree weather and how citizens of socal wanted to shove it in everyone's face about how great it's been. But who cares, we get our cars and windows cleaned.

So previously i wrote a post about having this great day and having all these great finds but found myself in the unfortunate position of losing a lot of my possessions one night out on the town. The car's window got busted and.. you get the picture. It was a learning experience, to say the least, and I wish nobody the terror of that night. In other good news though... or bad... the plight with my ever lost camera has forever been lost. And thus the journey to find a new one begins.

or maybe it's a sign for me the quit taking pictures all together and reflect on the importance of viewing... on my own.

mmm... nah, i doubt that.


other news. i think i'm finally going to buy a bicycle this year.


List ten good things...

It's really sad I think if you can't list ten good things that have happened to you in a day... So I'm going to try... Besides the redundant 'happy to be alive' one.

One. My mom cut fruit for me today and they were delicious.
Two. I refrained from drinking soda.
Three. My work blog received a fair amount of viewers.
Four. Got complimented on my hair.
Five. Chatted with a new friend.
Six. Hung out with old friends.
Seven. Admired the beautiful jcrew holiday catalog
Eight. Messaged an old friend in Korea
Nine. House of honey
Ten. Blogging myself to bed.


Holy Rollin'

And it still isn't really over.

i've worked from 9:00 straight until 6:30pm... then went to the gym... and came back to finish working.


more interesting things.

I've recently been obsessed with actor Jesse Eisenberg (blame the Social Network) and watched Holy Rollers on Netflix. I really loved how Jesse Eisenberg played the part of this orthodox Jewish kid who really just wanted to do right for his family, but fails.. miserably. But what really got me about the film was actually the soundtrack. Granted the film is all about drugs and losing innocence, the music really melded well with the movie. Created by Remix Artist Collective, who doesn't sell any of their music through iTunes. Not super shocking I guess, but was refreshing to purchase music this way.

In any case, the song "If you Forget me" and "House Party" are on repeat. ... and "Sushi" as well.. just give it a listen. You'll get why.

RAC x HOLY ROLLERS by Remix Artist Collective


Pictures to Prove Nothing.

It was one of those days...

Let me describe just the kind of day it was in my unphotographic memory.. and lack of having pictures.

I woke up this morning feeling well-rested and eager to finish Billy Elliot. I will confess and say that I have never actually seen the film so seeing it in full length of over the last few nights and into the morning, probably did not do it justice, but it did do me right. I was head over heels for this kid and his maturity in the film as well as the father-son relationship that was taking place. Interestingly enough, it seems that Netflix has picked up on my trend, seeing that I watched Finding Bobby Fisher recently. So I cried at the appropriate times and cheered all between 8am to 9am. Wonderful.

Then I was off to Santa Monica with J to do a location scout out at the Annenberg Beach House. Beautiful house, rather cold events hall, but overall wonderful feeling to be back out by the ocean. We witnessed the beginning of a wedding taking place by the shore and the whole scene was so lush. The crowd of about 80 guests were all seated and waiting for the bride, kids were running around, late comers were waving to fellow family members, and the waves and the wind felt like they were in tune with the guitarist.

Lunch was then enjoyed at Le Pain Quotidien, a personal favorite, and we decided to do some minor damage to our credit cards considering how (un)wealthy we both are. Amazing finds. But one particular gem i'd like to express. My new leather jacket. I'm a huge fan of leather jackets and for the longest time was kicking myself in the shin for having not bought one while I was in London. The peril of not having one for the time I've been back to the states killed me, eating away at my heart every time I tried one on and it just wasn't it. I could never find the perfect one... yes, it's that serious. But lo and behold, we end up going to All Saints, a London based store, and I find it. It! It is beautiful. Grey, gorgeous zipper details, beautiful fleece lined hood, and fits like a glove. After a painful, yet somewhat relieving purchase, I walked out with a new key piece in my wardrobe. And the irony of buying the jacket from London based shop just makes me laugh.

Thereafter, i met up with my old friend T, who i can't honestly say i've kept in great touch with. Nevertheless, we had some coffee at a local shop, reminisced, updated, and reveled in our love for our small town. I was thoroughly impressed with what he's been doing with his life, and how he's grown up into this man who is passionate about what he does. We stepped outside when the cafe started to set up the jazz band playing and it was so beautiful. The sun was setting, clouds were on fire, the train was whirring past us every few minutes, and a cool breeze drove away the earlier heat of the day. It was just so nice having a moment to sit down and enjoy everything around me.

Once T had set off on his bike, I walked across the street and noticed the old video store's lights were on and there was hustle bustle happening. What was this? A new used music and bookstore in town? ... Well, of course, I walked in and was just so delighted. Bee-lined to the music, and laughed at the collection but was SO excited to have found a Doors LP from their night at the Hollywood Bowl. Why this album in particular? Well, I recently watched the Doors' documentary, When You're Strange, and fell madly in love with Jim Morrison. They do a particular bit in the documentary about the performance at the Hollywood Bowl, and i have this weird thing about the Hollywood Bowl and how many incredible acts have come through that venue. So with the LP and a Taschen London Interiors book in hand, I was one happy camper.

Great, great Sunday.



Lost my camera again.

What is this... if we're not meant to be just tell me!



Want to be interviewed?

Ok, so maybe it's more like reaching the end...

but i'm trying here..

So i've definitely fallen off this blogging scale. I feel so disconnected when i'm online all day and I don't feel any desire to blog about anything when blogging has become my career.


But good news! This Saturday I'm going to be putting my creative juices to work by actually doing some filming! A new project of interviews is going to begin and I can't wait to document some really interesting people. Although i'd like to think as a visionary and hope that i will be showing in Cannes one day... this personal project of mine is purely a manner of filming people. I know that we are always taking pictures of friends and trying to relive memories through photos... but wouldn't it be nice to be a subject of an interview? have 20+ years pass and you can watch this video of yourself talk.

about nonsense probably..

but atleast it's there.

I have to record my parents cooking as well.

Much to do.

note: would you like to be interviewed? Let me know.


24 life

Yesterday was such a great way for me to celebrate my 24th. Took over a quiet pub in downtown and gathered some of my closest friends with a healthy amount of alcoholic beverages. I would have to say that some of the high lights of the night definitely were seeing all my amazing friends drive out to this sketch area and the pictures!!! I know that i don't have them available for your viewing pleasure here... And to be quite honest it had to do with the fact that I lost my digital camera a few weeks back but was inspired by my friend, Phil, to bust out the film and instants. So i got to wallk away from the night with a stack of instant fujimax films and a roll of very interesting photos to be revealed from my stupidly chunky Canon Autoboy. The expressions of everyone taking pictures with that camera was priceless. Everyone would first ask, "what the he'll is this!?!" because yes the thing is quite the relic... Then after having trouble finding the viewfinder the funniest was seeing the automatic look at the back of the camera like it would reveal what the film had captured like a normal digital camera. So great!

But beyond that i was truly blessed by the people who came out and just hung out. It really is so great to see all your friends on occasions like last night. Eespecially since when you're done with college it's so much harder to cone by. Love them all so much.

So year 24 you've got quite the challenge ahead of you since 23 proved to be insanely eventful. I've got visions and I want to make shit happen. Now it's up to me to do it.

Oh and good news, I found my camera. Thankfully not in a pot this time. Um... But that's a story for another time. Goodnight world.


Big time like KOBE!

Holy cow!

i've been saying that a lot lately..

Holy cow! i'm old. i can't believe that my birthday has just come and gone. And in the midst of the quiet and sorta regular day i had, it was actually really special.

I feel like a lot of times people forget to be grateful for the people that make their lives worthwhile. Yeah, thank god for facebook birthday reminders, but on the real... all my buddies who called or texted me today was really meaningful. I know that everybody has their own lives and run about doing what they gotta do.. but man, it feels nice to be acknowledged on just that one day.

Big ups to my family for dinner and late LATE night candle/cake session. Nobody left the table until my day was up... then again, I didn't let anyone leave the table until the clock struck 12 and the day was over. That's how amazing they are. :)

and tomorrow?
we eat more!!!

and the day after?


Fight the Funk.

Don't fight the funk.

Just fly from it.

I get this feeling sometimes that every time i try to battle something that makes absolutely no sense, it just causes me to stress out and be overwhelmed. I'm learning to let these things go.. be happy again.. rediscover the me that was so satisfied in college... Not gonna lose my cool over something not worth my energy or time...

Can't wait to fly.


i will never


cry at this job.


Mayer Hawthorne - It Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

reminds me of me... but with boys.

especially that last part. lol


happiness is...

a warm gun.

one of my favorite beatle's songs.

actually... julia could be one of my favorites...


perhaps i just really enjoy all of them.


Hello August

Oh Hello August, i didn't realize you were coming so soon. But since you'll be around for a few days, will you be kind to me?

in other words,

will you find the man who wears these shoes so i can marry him?




Typewriter Orchestra


Flying Lotus - Mmmmhmmm

Something to peanut butter and jam with.


Converse, 3 artists 1 song.

Love the song. Great collab.


Band-aid Girl Flashback.

It’s bizarre how memories will pop out of nowhere in your day and punch you in the face. Well luckily this memory didn’t make me cry with pain but rather, made me laugh.


Ages ago…well more like middle school, I was sent to a tutoring center by way of my parents. It was some ramshackle Korean place that promised something about making kids smarter… when of course it was only a means of getting some kids out of parents’ hair for a couple of hours.

So here I was at this new tutoring center and taking some test to measure my aptitude. All of a sudden, this girl, whose name escapes me, bursts into the room. She’s wearing sneaker heels, short shorts, and has dyed her hair an odd color of beige. This girl looks me straight in the eye and says to me in a biting tone, “Look, there’s a boy in our class that you’re going to be in. And just so you know, HE’S MINE!” She then takes her Hot Cheetos stained fingers and walks out with a swagger like she owned the joint. I was completely stunned.

This girl I’d never met had suddenly made me her enemy. She hated me for what reason? How did this happen? And then in some weird stinging moment, I BURST into tears. I started to cry insanely! The horrific sobbing must have frightened the head teacher because she was the next person to burst into the room asking what was wrong. She thought I was stupid and couldn’t answer the aptitude questions, as if the frustration of unknowing could make me burst into tears like that. Eventually, I mustered that some bitch had told me off wherein the girl was scolded for her misbehavior and probably told to be nice to me.

Let’s proceed to the next day at the tutoring center. We’re all in class and the girl is throwing me nasty stares. I meet cute guy she’s talking about. Tall fellow, sweet face, and seemingly kind hearted. The tutor calls for a break, probably to smoke a cigarette and wallow about his miserable life, and the students all run out the door. The last ones out the door are bitch, tall fellow, and myself. The girl heads out the door first and I notice a band-aid on the upper backside of her thigh.

I ask her, “Why do you have a band-aid on your thigh?”
She snorts and replies, “I shave my legs, don't you?”
I cock my head sideways and say, “Yeah, but thankfully I don’t have a hairy ass.”
Tall fellow laughs.
She harrumphs in frustration and storms out.

V is for Victory.


Then I started to laugh.


This Mood.

Sometimes i get into these moods.

I feel a tightness in my chest.
My anxiety starts to rise.
I can't think straight.
I feel rigid and stuck.
It feels like i'm suffocating.
Tears won't make the feeling go away.
And I just want to fly somewhere so far...

But when these moods take over, i'm having to constantly remind myself for the things i'm so grateful for.

I'm unsettled soul. There is a part of me that can never really shut off this side that wants to travel and be free. I think a lot of the times i question if it's because i'm running away from real life and the stability that being settled provides. All i really want to do is see the world and being stable for some reason scares the shit out of me. It's been over a year since i've flown out of california and i feel like it's almost making me feel like i'm missing something bigger in life.

So... for now, what do i do to feel better?

I list the things that i'm looking forward to this week.

1. Korean classes start this tuesday.
2. Whole new list of books to start reading.
3. Studying again.
4. Writing for personal projects.
5. Gym!!!!
6. Sunshine.
7. Getting out of this mood.

Now on to Sunday night tv. Anything good on tonight? I miss TLC's weird medical docs. anyone?


Tightrope - Janelle Monáe

i love this girl.

can we all just dance along???


Flake does McQueen



I just can't get over these water colors.



So, I wrote a post earlier this year about bicycles and how much i fell in love with riding them again when i was in europe... And this past weekend I went out to the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop in LA... what can i say? I found it.

The bike of my dreams.

The Pashley Britannia.

This English bike gave me that same feeling when I put on my senior prom dress and knew that it was THE dress. THAT exact "match made in heaven" feeling tingled past every nerve as i took it for a test spin around the store's neighborhood. This is no joke. I almost cried when i walked away from the bike... why?

because the asking price is close to $1200.

I know many of you are like "that's ridiculous, why would anyone pay that much for a bike?" But The reason is because it's a beauty and it rides sooo amazingly smooth. I guess i'll never be happy with riding my car to work as i'm constantly looking for other ways to commute.


Tighten up

sorry. it's a music video kinda week.

This video is just too funny.

What me worry.

Something about this song just makes me feel so good. I suppose it also helps that St. Vincent's voice is just so incredibly soulful. And I must say that Andrew Bird's accompaniment really helps.

-sigh- Why aren't i living in France already?


Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers

Umm. How does this woman keep looking this great?

Going under my list of music videos I would not have minded being a part of.


LV + World Cup


When I saw this on Highsnobiety, I was speechless. For me, LV in the back of my head is not a bag i desire to carry any time soon but a piece of luggage i'd love to have in my collection when i'm a jet setting trendsetter. Therefore, seeing the bad boy World Cup Trophy encased in a LV custom made carrying case... made me oddly jealous.

June Vow: Goodbye Soda.

Last month, i went the entire time without buying a single item of clothing. That means no clothes and shoes. it taught me how much i spend(waste) time looking at clothes i want to buy and sales i rummage online. I noticed that i began to dedicate more time to finding things that will last me more than a few wear and tears. I also learned that whatever money i didn't spend on clothing, bless me, went to savings. And funny enough, when June 1st rolled around today, the first thing i wanted to buy wasn't clothes. So i've decided maybe every month i'll give up something.

This month's winner?
Soda, pop, cola, coke, coca, ... whatever you call it. I'm calling it quits for the month of June. I'm not really a heavy soda drinker, but i realized when i start drinking that stuff i can't stop. Especially since there is always soda available at work, i need to just back off.


Yes, because otherwise I can't survive. I love bubbly drinks but that doesn't mean they all have to be that dark caramel color.

i can therefore allow myself to drink mineral water.

So what can i work with?

1. Water
2. Milk
3. Juice (Orange... otherwise only fresh squeezed stuff)
4. Mineral Water

Here we go.

edit: shoot. what about alcohol?? Least caloric drink?? Vodka Tonic or Vodka (club) Sodas. is beer excluded too for this month too? ... maybe alcohol just won't count. This is going to be interesting.


I'm not so much a huge fan of MIA. A couple of her songs and that last NSFW music video "born free" that cause quite the stir recently have been on my list of things I like from her, but this photo shoot with her by Ryan McGinley awes me.

A simple reward.

Last month I vowed not to buy a single item of clothing.

And as a reward.

A pregnant woman rear-ends my car during my morning commute.


Does that mean I should just continue to buy clothing?

*sigh* My neck hurts. I guess it's time to revert back to taking the Metro.


I just liked this...


Mid-Year Slump

So I don't know about the rest of you, but around this time of year... anywhere between may, june, july i get this weird mid-year slump. That enthusiasm i had back in Nov-Jan has run dry and now all i'm feeling is tired, uninspired, unmotivated, and fat. And no this isn't a "my self-image sucks" kind of fat.. i've literally gained weight from the lack of motivation to work out and to eat healthy. Instead I will spend days like today, which sound like this..

Morning: Cereal and Milk - PERFECT! let's get this day started.. i'm going to be healthy today!
Lunch: uhh Brazilian BBQ Truck TABOM!?! PERFECT! Steak burritos with french fries and heavy rice... i'm going to be healthy tomorrow!
Dinner: hmmmm glass of wine... grilled steak (yes, again), sauteed mushrooms, kimchi (i'm korean, beat it), rice and lettuce... another glass of wine... and another.. and then some carrots and hummus, then some pita chips, and then more wine, a bite of bundt cake, more wine...

I'm going to be healthy NEVER!

did i mention that in the midst of this eating fiasco i also was invited to go work out at the gym? obviously did not happen.

This mid-year slump always gets the best of me and wastes all my gym money. I wonder if it's because i have nothing to look forward to... or nobody to impress... or it's just this slump... a dry dry season.

Although for some reason... i'm feeling pretty good about a lot of things.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 7.

Don't lose your phone.
(Lesson by Ottoban, transcribed by me)

This goes without saying... but there is something more to it than just the financial burden of losing a phone and the personal disadvantage of losing your contacts. With the advent of technology and the greatness of connectivity, people losing their phones and getting contacts again has suddenly seemed easier. Well guess what, you and your "I lost my phone & I need your number" Facebook group/event/fan page suck. And here's why (like i even have to explain):

1. C'mon! take care of your phone. I excuse you if you really actually "Got Mugged, and So did my Phone" but the "I dropped it in the toilet, i need your numbers" and the "Oops! Lost it at the club last night, give me digits." no, you don't fly. which leads me to..

2. Your clever invite names are about as far as I will go. If you got a really funny title, maybe i'll consider giving you my number again.. but the "Lost Phone" and "Hey, So sorry! I lost my phone!" and the "Omg, i know you hate this! SO SORRY! I LOST MY PHONE" ... ignore, click.

3. I'm sorry who are you? - don't select all 1000+ friends to give you their numbers if you don't give a shit about 990 of them. What about a friendly personal message instead... nobody do those anymore?

Ok! That leads me to one solution...

BACK UP YOUR PHONE. if you're on any legitimate carrier (boost mobile.. do you do this??) you should be able to back up your contacts. Do it please.. now. for the sake, of the rest of your friends. In fact, i'm going to go do that right now... because knowing me and bad karma... i'm going to probably lose my phone next week.

(Happy Cinco de Mayo!)


Things I learned in College : Lesson 6.

Start building a personal library.
Professor Bach was my International Studies Advanced/UpperDiv/Kickmyass/MakeYouCry/RatherBeDead writing instructor. And yes, he was incredibly difficult. Professor Bach was one of those men that you just so desperately wanted to make proud and please. I knew he was an intelligent man and I wanted nothing more than to make him just raise an eyebrow at me in ponder and perhaps agreement. In any case, within a quarter of debating about democracies and ethics in international relations I walked away with one valid lesson.

To start building a personal library.

No other professor in the four years i was in college even MENTIONED the idea of building a personal library. They in fact, and rightfully so, encouraged the purchase of books from other students to save our already burned out wallets. Don't get me wrong, I sold books left and right just to get a menial amount of pocket change, which i probably ended up blowing on a pack of gum anyway. I too was one of those people who stupidly sold $40 for a cool $1.50 because it was paperback (assholes). Granted if you were a student of biology, econ, IT and your textbooks were $200+ please yes, sell your books as new editions are issued at what seems to be a bimonthly rate. But i'm talking about all your other classes...

I definitely regret selling back some books and only getting chump change for it. At least if i had kept those books i would have been able to maintain a level of priceless pride for having endured courses in Asian American studies, Art History, Modern Theater, Poetry.. and so on. Instead, i have empty bookshelves with nothing to show.

Of course, people will say that you will never read those books again, but as Professor Bach had reminded us, that's not what matters. It's a measure of boasting to people who haven't read... or something like that.

note: I've received some great feedback about these Lessons and would love for other people to contribute. Please email me or write me a comment and let's talk.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 5.

If there are language courses offered, TAKE THEM.
Ok, so i don't care if you were a biosci major or some crazy IT major with a compsci/engineering double minor... whatever, if your school offered you language courses you should take them.

Let's explain this in a functional manner... here are the excuses people had about language courses.

1. "But you have to go to class everyday then." - Iam Awhiner.
Kiss my ass. You're in school anyway. If you're so bummed about taking a class everyday what else would you be doing with that hour that could be spending at a language course? Going to Jack in the Box? Watching TV? Eating a box of Cheez-its? Probably something that wasn't as productive as you learning a new language, making new friends, and discovering how much we as Americans don't know jack about other countries.

2. "But I don't have room on my schedule." - Winnie the Whiner
Kiss my ass. You're only saying that because you think going to class at 8 or 9 am is feat that can't be tackled. Get over it. Again, rather than sleeping in just so you can go to an 11am class instead, why don't you haul your ass out of bed and actually go to a class that's conducive to exciting your alcohol nuked braincells. If not, stick a little while longer on campus to take a later course!

3. "But I suck at learning new languages." - Wally the Whiner
Well... kiss my.. i'm kidding. I actually suck at learning languages too. But that didn't stop me from taking classes. It's amazing how you may feel like you can't learn a new language and that the challenge is too much to bear... but seriously ... kiss my ass. And then kiss the ass of the white guys in my class trying to learn KOREAN. I'm talking sticks and circles that suddenly had to formulate sentences for them. It's actually kinda embarrassing because these guys had better spelling and grammar than i ever would. Granted that I could listen and speak better... they passed the written tests with FLYING colors.

4. "But I'll never use it outside of school" - Kant Dewitt.
WHO CARES. Life isn't always about living constantly to work towards your future. The song your listening to right now doesn't help you with your future. Think outside of the learning languages only. I managed to stay in my Kclass for 5 quarters (approx 2 years) and yeah, i may not remember how to spell certain words any more but I made some amazing friends and would never had had my amazing teacher. I even took French after my year in England. Now really, when would i ever use French in the States except learning how to pronounce certain foods. So for that, I pat myself on the shoulder for being able to pronounce Nicoise Salad and Bourguignonne. (Thanks Madame Guthrie!)

5. "But I don't want to learn another language." - Ayam Iggnant
Then stay in your hole.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 4.

Appreciate your school gym.
I think that this speaks for anyone who went to a school who had a nice gym. If you went to a crappy school who decided that physical well-being wasn't important then.. i'm sorry, this doesn't pertain to you.

UCI's educational program was great. Great teachers, great science library with a bunch of books I never touched, and a great gym. I'm not kidding you. A REALLY GREAT GYM.

The funny thing with me was that when i had gotten to UCI and witnessed the monstrosity of the ARC, I thought that other gyms like LA fitness, 24, or Bally's was something like this. The arc had state of the art ellipticals, a lifting room that was ergonomically suited for females, too many courts to count, a huge pool, racquetball courts galore, rock climbing wall, and so many more nooks and crannies i probably did not even realize. I mean considering how large the school was i suppose that it was only appropriate to have a gym of such stature, but they didn't need to fill it with such great equipment. But they did, and their stuff got better and better every year. They had no qualms of ridding their old equipment with even better ones. Plus, who could beat gorgeous flatscreen TVs that are able to be plugged into your own machine's headphone jacks. I seriously was so spoiled by this gym that i had almost begun to think that it was a standard for all gyms.

BOY, was I wrong.

A few months after i graduated, I had turned into a lump of lard and decided that it was due time to look for a new gym in the area. Having noticed that a brand new LA Fitness was built down the street, I thought it was about time to join. But i actually joined on a whim at those outside kiosks and did not really take a look inside. The moment i walked in, i felt like i had turned back in time to a crappier freshman year version of the ARC. It's like the thrown out equipment had made its way to this LA Fitness which was barely 2 years old. I thought, wonderful, a swimming pool and then looked in to see a load of old Chinese women wading through the waters. I then sighed... and realized nothing will ever beat the ARC.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 3.

Listen and read the news, but try not to get too emotionally invested.
local news is not included, sorry.
When I got into college and about my Sophomore year, I decided that it was important for me to read, watch and listen to the news. Also being an International Studies major, i guess i figured that it was something I SHOULD do. But eventually this should turned into a major fascination/obsession. My roommate at the time could probably tell you about the times i would bring up anything from CNN I would read. It actually became ritual to my day.

I would click on the headlines, then follow up on any of the past stories i was reading, and then check top stories. If it was something really interesting I would then take the liberty of linking it to friend's Facebook pages and maybe even email it to someone.

But as you know, and anyone does know, the news isn't all filled with bubblegum and flowers and candy. It's really heavy.. and at times I would cave into these deep thoughts about what i had read and feel seriously ill afterward. My desire to read these news articles and be emotionally moved by every single one of them caused me to get sick!

I remember at one point, althought i can't remember precisely what got me, but i had to stop reading the news. So in one whole determined move, i shut myself off from the world. I became happier temporarily... and then i felt empty again of the information i used to steep myself in daily. So i had to get back into it.. but slowly and without so much information.

But ultimately, what reminded me of this lesson was that in the morning i listen to NPR. Yes, i am a nerd. My radio alarm clock goes straight into Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne talking about the daily happenings around the world. But with the recent news of the miners who died because of the explosion, brought me to tears one morning. The thought of these men with families who were waiting for them to come home as usual from a day at work and then receive a phone call to find that they had been involved in an accident was too much to bear. I had forgotten how heart wrenching listening to the news could be again.

But this time, I'm not going to fold back to not listening to the news in the morning... it's more about checking my emotions. Therefore, leaving enough to be involved with the coverage but to stop when it could ruin my day.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 2.

Always stock your pantry with cereal and fridge with milk.

I'm not joking. For me these two combined are like the forces of elements creating this earth. ok, maybe not that monumental but it definitely has always been a part of my daily life.

Granted i ate cereal and milk on a daily basis since I was i don't know how old... it essentially kept me alive all throughout college. the combination of the new are an amazing breakfast but for me i crave it as a treat outside of normal breakfast hours. i could not stop eating this stuff. Ask my roommates! I bought milk on a weekly basis. Would finish the milk on a weekly basis. And could not get enough of my cereals. Even while i was in England, there would always be a box of cereal and those annoying little plastic cartons of milk from Tescos in the hall fridge.

I kinda miss that Winnie the Pooh Stars cereal exclusive to Tescos...

In any case, since my move back home my parents have been generally stellar at buying cereal and milk. My dad for some reason even knew when i was coming home that he would have to hit up Costco to stock up. Literally, he called me before i came back and asked which cereal i preferred to eat (so nice). but like any budding relationship, or one that was rebudding, my dad grew tired of buying me cereal and milk when buying dog food became apparently more important. So, one week, i had no cereal or milk. Devastating. Left me feeling empty.

Physically and emotionally.

... which reminds me... i should probably buy cereal and milk for work now.

Typographic Moustaches

Haha. made me giggle today.
love all you wonderful typographic whores.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 1.

How to write an formal email.
This is a series of lessons i've learned in college... life or whatever.

Whether I was writing to my professors, my PAs or potential employers, formal emails has become a part of my everyday life. But the mundane world of writing, please and thank yous in barf-worthy amounts has made my vocabulary diminish to terms like "barf-worthy."

So what does this lesson help me with other than making me sound like a woman from the the 1940s who worked as a secretary for some masochistic male? Not much else.

But formalities are what i've realized has helped me gain a level of respect and who wants to sound like a 15 yr. old, because otherwise I'd probably be talked to like one.

But I'm surprised that i've survived not typing in a happy face aka :), a "hey! what's up?", or a "dude." Considering my limited linguistic abilities, i've managed to become somewhat considered a grown up with the ability to formulate formal emails.

Obviously someone did not teach me grammar...


Hardbound Vs. Digital

So my commutes to work have become a commonplace in my life now. The wake up and rush to get to the station before the stripe bars cut me off from parking are now an everyday drill. But along with this and my trusty iPod i've written several times about how i've been also reading a lot lately.

So my library has slowly been growing and the stack of books i have to get through has also been growing. The funny thing is though that when you're commuting to work with a laptop, a purse with your belongings, an ipod, a water bottle, sunglasses..etc.. it all gets well.. rather heavy. I'm not saying i'm a wimp. But ever since college (and maybe even into high school) I was always trying to figure out ways to make things lighter. That would entail carrying 1/2 inch binders, 50 page notebooks, leaving books at home and so on. That habit hasn't left me. I dread carrying lunch to work because of the extra weight the Tupperware adds.

Ok, but back to where i was getting at. The new Kindle for Blackberry was released and I decided to download it. If you've heard me rant about how i feel about Kindles and e-Readers, then you know that i'm not a big fan only because i'm yes, i admit, of a materialistic generation. Save the trees yada yada yada I LOVE BOOKS. Whether they are old or new (preferably new with no creases on the spine) I cherish the books i purchase and build my personal library with. But herein lays my dilemma... I've discovered the love of the Kindle for Blackberry.

These past few weeks i read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson off my Blackberry for Kindle and thoroughly enjoyed it! Pressing the space button and seeing the percentage of completion increase and having the book on me at ALL times was incredibly satisfying. I couldn't believe how quickly i got through the book no only because it's a great read (yes, i do recommend the book like every other Salander Saga fan) but because of how easily accessible the book had become to me.

But... of course, when i had completed the book i lacked a sense of fulfillment because i didn't have the book in my library to show for it and more importantly, lend the book to others.

So where do i go from here? Do i continue to buy books, wait for them to arrive, kill a few trees, carry the load and forever have it in my physical library? Or do i deal with the small screen of my BB, have a book online forever, and never share?

O woe. the conundrums of a 21st century girl.


I have this tendency...

that when i step away from my blog and do not write in it for awhile.. i start to avoid it purposefully.

Painfully purposefully.

But I suppose because i've been now blogging for a living it would be nice to blog about things that are more personal to me.


Let's start anew?

I mean i guess that's why i bought a new computer. In order to actually blog, upload, watch, and share more often.

ok. Let's do it.


Let's get naked.

I don't know what it is about the recent upheaval of getting naked... maybe it's the heat... i don't know what it is exactly but it's gotten me all hot and bothered.

But i must say that Matt & Kim and Erykah Badu made my heart beat faster and i felt like i could see their adrenaline rush...

Anyone suddenly have an urge to go skinny dipping?


Fishy Condos

So earlier this month my office moved down the street and it seriously feels like working for a different company... but not. Anyway, we have a dog friendly office so for the longest time i was debating about getting a new dog for me to bring and take care of. Especially since i would be here all day i thought it wouldn't be so bad to get one... but of course, i'm not responsible enough for something like that... so what's the better solution?


gold fishes perhaps.

anyway i really liked this concept by Teddy Luong on www.unicahome.com.

Long Live Books!

Another product post.

But i can't help it.

This is the "Book" from www.LongLiveBooks.com. ... funny enough it may look like another normal book off the shelf, but of course considering my obsessive behaviors when looking for a macbook cover (which will finally be "re"arriving tomorrow) i run into this beauty.

The books are all handmade by one dude out in Minnesota. He slaves away to make these things by order and will even do custom printing for the cover of your book in case you want it to say something like "Don't Take Me" or "Pride and Prejudice" or simply "My Book"... but for $5 extra dollars on top of the $89 pricetag.

whoop! steep.

but i want it. now.


Hipster Pooches

Blessed Literall readers. I’m sorry about my absence and definite delays of updates. I had been overly consumed by the Winter Olympics. Every time i came home from work I would sit and watch until 12am. And then would immediately feel so numbed by television consumption that I would fall asleep. It was definitely an interesting period of doinga lmost absolutely nothing when I got home from work.
ALAS! I am back and will begin March with major blogging overload again. I promise. But I’m definitely alarmed at how quickly the month of February passed so quickly. I think my weeks have been so busy and I’m constantly working on new projects to keep my time occupied which is definitely an exciting period! what do i start off this month of March with?of course! the Website of the Month. This was strangely a tough call but at the same time when i came across this one i couldn't help but laugh and hope that "it" continues. So what is this website??

Ok. So pictures and dressing up your puppy to look indie may be incredibly cute... but what actually cracks me up about this site are the captions...

For the photo above:
barney is more concerned with “dynamic range compression” and “the loudness wars” than the fact that he has shitty taste in music

Here's another favorite...

"popeye insists he doesn’t have “a thing for asian girls,” even though his last four girlfriends have been pekingese"

and lastly...
"punky figured his student loan money would be better spent on a vintage cr78 drum machine he found on ebay"

Ok. Go have a good laugh!

I'm excited about this month! Lots going on!


Winter Olympics + Check 3!

First issues first!

I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Without a doubt it's only because i have been coming home from work and going straight into watching the olympics for HOURS until it's suddenly midnight and I'm going straight to bed. Insane!
By the way, may i comment on how many beautiful people are in the winter olympics?!

[Kim Yun Ah - Korea - Women's Figure Skating]
[Mirai Nagasu, Rachael Flatt - USA - Women's Figure Skating]
[Apolo Ohno - USA - Mens Speed Skating]
[J.R. Celski - USA - Mens Speed Skating]
Also one of my favorites!

[Shani Davis - USA - Mens Speed Skating]

[Evan Lysacek - USA - Mens Figure Skating]
He skates in couture by Vera Wang. loveeee.

[Lindsay Vonn - USA - Women's Skiing]

[Scotty Lago, Shaun White - USA - Men's Halfpipe Snowboarding]

god. Who could resist these Double McTwisty Red Curls?!

I'm sure i'm missing all the other international snow bunnies, but i'll come around once the games are over and i notice more cuties.



SO! remember my goal of 20 subscribers by the end of the new year? Well guess what! I've reached it in a mere 1 1/2 months! I guess getting your blog out there and having people reading it isn't as hard as i assumed it would be. But many thanks to the twenty people who have subscribed to my blog! I feel like i've hit a milestone and it makes me determined to blog more and more consistently.


Happy Vday!

To all you lovers.



Lost Voices

Getting sick always makes me really disappointed that I didn't take care of my body.


I love losing my voice and imagining that I'm a secret agent or a spy.

[Audrey Hepburn in Charade]

[Greta Garbo in Mata Hari]

[Luciana Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe in Thunderball]

badass chicks.


Cinema vieux.

Whenever I watch old films and see them on my small computer screen or on my family's television, I wonder what it would have been like to see these films during their heydays in the movie theater. The whole experience of watching a film in a theater is so completely different from that of your living or bedroom. I love going to the movies to sit in the seats, have the lights dim, everyone shut up, and just be completely immersed in the imagery and sound of the film. Although today, going to the movie theater is more like an investment rather than a leisure activity, I've longed to watch classic films in the theater.

Lucky for us who live in Los Angeles, this feat is quite possible...

Some places and films to be excited about...
+ C, my friend from ms/hs brought this theater to my attention because for the eve of V-day (otherwise popularly known as SADay), they are showing Audrey Hepburn's two classic films of Breakfast and Sabrina. To this day, the scene where Holly Golightly and Paul "Fred" kiss at the end of the movie is my favorite Hollywood kiss. It's the rain... it makes everything so much more dramatic.

+ I've been on this theater since the summertime... and funny enough they are featuring Summertime with another classic Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn that is. This theater is cool because they actually feature some really old stuff but will get the ball rolling again on some recent, being the 90s, shows. In other words, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Bottle Rocket are soon to be on.

+ Need I really explain more?

+ Considered one of the most recognizable buildings on Sunset Blvd next to Amoeba Records, a lot of people are unaware of the Arclight's Presents nights. I mean aside from their usual features, this theater boasts a really awesome past of presenting movies from the past and people who were involved with the film. Upcoming features include East of Eden, Malcolm X, and tomorrow night Casablanca. Producers, Cinematographers, and occasionally the actors of these films will come and speak for a little bit and then audiences get to relax and watch the film in all it's Arclighting gloriousness. Also their location in Sherman Oaks does these Arclight Presents nights. And a word to the 21+ crowd, they have 21+ Screenings with current films as well. No, not porn... just cocktails and a movie.

Oh the woes of Hollywood... I live in an amazing city. Yes, I admit it.

Did i just give some people amazing valentine's day date ideas?


I've always wanted to be kissed in the rain like this...


Let the Great World Spin + Man on Wire

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann.

There is no shame in me saying that i took upon reading this book because of an Amazon recommendation. Had I become a part of the "tipping point?" Yes. I added to this Mr. McCann's acclaim of being a number one best seller for 2009.

So i'm not done with the book but i already have some general thoughts that could or could not sway you about whether you'd like to read novels again.

Let the Great World Spin first is very much like Crash, the film. But this movie is based around the time in the 70s where a great man had walked across on a wire that was connected on the World Trade Center. The most outrageous characters and the utmost real characters cross paths between this time in unusual yet normal ways. I think that the book so far has done an excellent job portraying the characters in their own elements. From prostitute, priest, mother who has lost her son at war... they all wind together in a form that is actually strangely poetic. What makes this book so easy for me to read though is that it comes in little vignettes that keep things short enough for me to complete while i'm riding the metro and before i go to bed. Today was actually the first day that I had almost missed my stop on the train because I was so eager to finish a chapter.


Starring Phillipe Petit

So it shouldn't really surprise you that the next thing i wanted to do was watch Man on Wire! Lucky for me in the midst of finishing this book, my Netflix arrives with Man on Wire in tow. And how wonderful the timing was. I watched the film and oo'd and ah'd at his tricks, juggling, and of course him walking on air.

It was exhilarating watching Philippe walk between the Notre Dame towers, then the bridge in Sydney, and finally the two World Trade Center towers. An entertainer to say the least yet at the same time an absolute nutcase! But it was simply so amazing to see this man devise such a brilliant plan and then execute it so well. I was glued to the screen the entire time. And honestly, I could not express more how much I loved that Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No.1 was playing for when he started the walk across the towers . Perfect perfect music composition for the movie.

The only regret i truly have is that 1. I wish i were alive in the 70s to have seen this happen 2. since i wasn't alive i wish i had seen it in the big screen at a theater... or better yet, Imax. Hopefully one day the New Beverly Center will play it again or something... it's just too magnificent.

Could you imagine being on the street in New York that day and looking up to see something like this? These are times I wish I lived multiple lives and could remember those past lives...


Website of the Month

So every month I've decided to start logging some websites that have caught my fancy and will continue to catch it for the years to come... granted they stay in business.

ValetMag.com wins the first month of me ever doing this and that's because it's just so good for all guys! i mean
truly... all men should look at this website. I know my 16 followers {yay!} are mainly girls but please share with your boyfriends, boys who are friends, and boy toys the wonders of Valetmag.com. You will truly be surprised with how much they will learn from this.

It's actually funny because I got a book for Ottoban by Esquire Men about how to dress and i thought that the guide was genius. But it's all accessible now for guys at Valet. And anyway, who doesn't love really awesome illustrations to guide the lost fashion soul in boys?

please forward this website to the men in your lives.


Fashion Icon 1.

A few weeks ago, I was having a talk with J about some of our fashion icons and who we look to for fashion inspiration/rtw. To be honest, I had some trouble thinking of people that truly i thought had an influence on how i dressed. I mean there are classic mavens like Garance, Zoe, and various celebrities. But a lot of where I get my inspiration for fashion comes from people on Lookbook and the Sartorialist and other street style sites. Maybe a lot of this had to do with the fact that I'm not subscribed to many fashion blogs or that i don't receive any magazines... but I'm going to try to make a point to note the ones that actually do impress me... and in the midst of looking at edgy haircuts today.. i found one. And her name is Kate Lanphear - the fashion
editor of Elle Magazine.

Fear the Lanphear.

I don't really give a shit if she's the fashion editor of Elle.. to be honest after watching Nina Garcia yap on and on on PR, i knew my subscription was ending. But Lanphear's style and the way she dresses drives me insane. It's all her own and I'm seething with jealousy. It's the edge, the platinum/silver blonde hair, the rich textures, and her lack of colors. I'm completely her type. I love that she doesn't need to wear anything outside of black, grey, white and the occasional beige.. . What i love most is that against all her hard rough edges with studs and spikes and heavy metal... she lingers with a very delicate feminine side as well. From her buzzed side hair with soft wispy bangs or the chainmail vest that is layered under a spiderweb of a shredded black T, it's this constant ebb and flow of hard and soft. it's fashion porn. And i love it. God it seems like my spring wardrobe is not going to include a lot of florals and pastels.