Paris When it Sizzles

Awhile back i bought an Audrey Hepburn DVD pack from Amazon in order to obtain some of her other classics that i don't have in my collection. Within the package came Paris When it Sizzles, and to be honest.. without hearing so many rants and raves about how great this movie is.. i wasn't very interested. And being such a great Audrey Hepburn fan and not seeing the movie, i felt rather guilty. But i proceeded to watch the film tonight.

General thoughts... I actually thought the beginning was good but then it fell of the scale pretty quickly towards the middle. Enough for me to pause, grab a drink, cut some fruit, and then finish the film. I mean this wasn't even War and Peace worthy of a pause. The storyline was creative and probably done before... but I think the fashion of how easily Gaby (Audrey Hepburn) falls for Rick (William Holden) was what actualy made me turn off from this film. I mean even in Funny Face it takes a bit of movement to get Jo Stockton to love Dick Avery. BUT old flicks and the easily chimed chick flicks of it's day... still a classic i would say. Plus William Holden in his drunken bloody mary misery was charming... his wardrobe was also well coordinated if i may add.

A good classic Sunday night.

Let's get ready for another week of work folks!
let's try to maintain this blog as i should be getting more interesting things to talk about in these next few months. even if the situations are minute and really not relating to anything.

Tis' the Season

To go shopping.

Fa la la la.. la la la la


Free Food for Millionaires

There is something strange about me and finishing books. I love relishing in a book for the days that it takes to read it and anticipate the end as it always makes me feel like i've accomplished something... yet by that point i become so consumed by all the characters that i feel somewhat empty after i've finished reading the book.

Take for example

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. It was upon a recommendation of a friend that i read this book and thank goodness i read it. I love how the author takes into consideration each character she presents and gives each of their history not in lots, but as one reads the book. I was so consumed by the characters and their livelihood that it even crossed my mind inbetween my sit downs with the book. Would Casey persist to stay with Unu? Will Ella ever forgive Ted? Can Leah ever face the truth? And once i had completed the ridiculously long book today... i felt empty. In some weird way, i grew antsy and i couldn't shake it off. I wanted to read more and find out about what happened next. Reading becomes like watching a really good tv show before i go to bed.. and now i have to find another book that can keep me captivated like this.

Any suggestions? Otherwise, i'm moving on to a book called Bought that i received for free in a gift bag a spa treatment. Free books always make me a bit wary.


Well that was a quick month...

October flew by like i didn't even see it. happen. what?

Time for a new look.

feeling uninspired.