i had a really good time at medicine on saturday night with the californians. + made a new friend. but it didn't help that i only had one hour of sleep and went to watch the Tempest in london.I can only tell you that the set was interesting, the actors were loud, and i even missed half the monologue in the conclusion.

no more spicy indian food.


exchange one for another

When you have really bad food at the dining hall... what do you do?

you make your own bizarre food.

i need to find a market pronto.



What happens when you wake up at 6:30 to figure out whether you have class on mondays or not?... pure magic.

So i didn't turn off my lights last night (yes i know you nrg buffs) and at around 6:30 the blaring light from up top was telling me to get up way before my time to turn it off. But then i thought about it and figured I should definitely find out whether i have class or not today because i wasn't sure before i went to bed.


i don't have class.

kaplow! watch the sun come up.


Two Thousand 8

Happy New Year!

Back in LA for the winter break has been incredibly interesting.

You come to learn about how much you appreciate home when you're away from it all, but i'm pretty sure everyone knows that.

Being back home has i've become much more observant when it comes to fashion. I've also intensely realized that people in California are no where near the fashion i've seen in London. Not to say that people dress worse here but they dress differently. Californians I've realized are a little bit more
quirky when it comes to the way that they dress. Especially during the winter months they seem a lot more confused. Of course the classic example is the girls with ugg boots and the jean skirts. But i've also come across girls in knee-length coats with open toe shoes, cheetah fur vests with tank top, and the very classy cropped mid-drift sweater over some shiny satin pants aka trousers.

In any case...

recent obsession:: leather jackets

not the tacky kind.

mike & chris Bryant Long Sleeve

Madison Marcus Leather Hoodie in gunmetal