December, already?

what happens when you should be reading...

running through plasticity.
Science Museum - London

lovely napkins
Barcelona, Spain

pretty puddles
Rome, Italy

just an "in brief". there isn't any coherence, pardon me.

These are kinda times when i wish that KOST was available in England. Christmas Songs on KOST 103.5...


London Fashion

So people have been asking me since i've gotten to England about how much my fashion has changed.

People, it hasn't.

If anything its gotten worse since i've been here. I wake up in the morning and the only thing that comes to mind is how am i supposed to stay warm today. Then my second thought is... ok, lets put that on. Then i walk out and realize how dodgy i look... absolutely terrible.

London fashion according to Nylon Magazine seems so cool. There are people dressed up with all these snazzy colors with wonderful patterns and seemingly cool ideas. But here in Egham... its just about the same as California/OC status. Everyone wears Uggs (or nameless copies) boots, they wear jean skirts with tights (and uggs), and your regular jersey shirt (with uggs). The only thing that i thought was remotely different was a girl wearing Nudie jeans! NUDIE JEANS!!! Where's all this ravaging London fashion that i'm supposed to be inspired by? Where are you Ms. Westwood, Opening Ceremony, Sonia Rykiel!?!? Obviously not in Egham. I want to see colors and creativity and cuts and labels! i'm such a fashion whore...

a broke fashion whore.

And there in lies the problem! Clothes here are ridiculously expensive. Atleast when it comes in terms of the terrible American currency here. £15 for a T-shirt at Topshop... simple shirt, nothing fancy, = $30+ in the US. The worst thought to have when you're shopping is how much you can really get that for in the states. $15 for £7.50. hmm...

Though i will not lie and say that Urban Outfitters here is much more interesting to walk through. A lot like the boutique American Rag that i worked at in Fashion Island. More names in fashion that isn't usually apparent at Urbans in LA. Your likes of APC, See by Chloe, Goldhawk (who happen to have
fantastic frocks in season right now, and some relatively well priced Paul & Joe Sisters. (www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk)

In any case, both dirtydirtydancing.com and nylon magazine makes me believe that i'm just on the wrong side of town.





haven't got much time to write everything, but i'm here... and i'm really excited.

Yena and i saw Judi Dench in front of the National Portrait Museum... looking as lovely as ever!


Takashi Murakami

So a few things have been amounting of all the things that I will miss while I'm away to England. But I can definitely say that of the few things, I really am deeply saddened that I will not be able to attend the Takashi Murakami exhibit at MOCA in l.a. I definitely hope that everyone else picks up the pace and goes from Oct 29th and onward. Maybe I'll make it to see when I come home for Christmas.
Along with his wild art, there are limited edition Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton that will be sold at the exhibit. Though his items are much more oddly designed like his eyeball monogram, and are more of a miss to me, it would be awesome to see what he comes up with.


Live and Die in LA?

after all this time you think you might be sick of a place like LA.

Los Angeles especially seems to have so many more downs then it does ups. We're west coast bitches, snot head, dumb blonde, breast implanting, pollutionation, dirty beach water, and damn traffic people. But I was completely amazed by how much I missed this place when I was away in Korea for two months over the summer. What is it that other non-angelinos are missing out on? Everything L.A., Duh.

You've got wonderful dirty Mexican food in every part of town, shopping mecca of the West Coast, Disneyland, the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Clippers (Yes, the Clippers), David Beckham (he came here by his own accord), Malibu, Zuma, Laguna, South Pasadena, and well, me.

But why study abroad after so much love for a place I call home? There are so many different answers to that question but really all in all LA is home, and I can always come back here even if I go somewhere far away for awhile. Studying abroad has been something that I've always wanted to do ever since I was in 5th grade. All throughout middle school I would fantasize about going to France to study abroad and become this high-browed French girl. But plans work out differently and instead I'm headed to England where I'll become a high-browed English girl. But really England provides me with the requirements I need for major and allows for me to go to Europe as I had wished to do from the get-go. So, begins my countdown from today. My flight is on the 15th of September and I land in Heathrow, London noon of the 16th.

Wish me luck. cheers!



I've started this new blog in light of just getting off to a fresh start from the world of Xanga and knowing where I started when I go to England for the year.