Things I learned in College : Lesson 3.

Listen and read the news, but try not to get too emotionally invested.
local news is not included, sorry.
When I got into college and about my Sophomore year, I decided that it was important for me to read, watch and listen to the news. Also being an International Studies major, i guess i figured that it was something I SHOULD do. But eventually this should turned into a major fascination/obsession. My roommate at the time could probably tell you about the times i would bring up anything from CNN I would read. It actually became ritual to my day.

I would click on the headlines, then follow up on any of the past stories i was reading, and then check top stories. If it was something really interesting I would then take the liberty of linking it to friend's Facebook pages and maybe even email it to someone.

But as you know, and anyone does know, the news isn't all filled with bubblegum and flowers and candy. It's really heavy.. and at times I would cave into these deep thoughts about what i had read and feel seriously ill afterward. My desire to read these news articles and be emotionally moved by every single one of them caused me to get sick!

I remember at one point, althought i can't remember precisely what got me, but i had to stop reading the news. So in one whole determined move, i shut myself off from the world. I became happier temporarily... and then i felt empty again of the information i used to steep myself in daily. So i had to get back into it.. but slowly and without so much information.

But ultimately, what reminded me of this lesson was that in the morning i listen to NPR. Yes, i am a nerd. My radio alarm clock goes straight into Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne talking about the daily happenings around the world. But with the recent news of the miners who died because of the explosion, brought me to tears one morning. The thought of these men with families who were waiting for them to come home as usual from a day at work and then receive a phone call to find that they had been involved in an accident was too much to bear. I had forgotten how heart wrenching listening to the news could be again.

But this time, I'm not going to fold back to not listening to the news in the morning... it's more about checking my emotions. Therefore, leaving enough to be involved with the coverage but to stop when it could ruin my day.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 2.

Always stock your pantry with cereal and fridge with milk.

I'm not joking. For me these two combined are like the forces of elements creating this earth. ok, maybe not that monumental but it definitely has always been a part of my daily life.

Granted i ate cereal and milk on a daily basis since I was i don't know how old... it essentially kept me alive all throughout college. the combination of the new are an amazing breakfast but for me i crave it as a treat outside of normal breakfast hours. i could not stop eating this stuff. Ask my roommates! I bought milk on a weekly basis. Would finish the milk on a weekly basis. And could not get enough of my cereals. Even while i was in England, there would always be a box of cereal and those annoying little plastic cartons of milk from Tescos in the hall fridge.

I kinda miss that Winnie the Pooh Stars cereal exclusive to Tescos...

In any case, since my move back home my parents have been generally stellar at buying cereal and milk. My dad for some reason even knew when i was coming home that he would have to hit up Costco to stock up. Literally, he called me before i came back and asked which cereal i preferred to eat (so nice). but like any budding relationship, or one that was rebudding, my dad grew tired of buying me cereal and milk when buying dog food became apparently more important. So, one week, i had no cereal or milk. Devastating. Left me feeling empty.

Physically and emotionally.

... which reminds me... i should probably buy cereal and milk for work now.

Typographic Moustaches

Haha. made me giggle today.
love all you wonderful typographic whores.


Things I learned in College : Lesson 1.

How to write an formal email.
This is a series of lessons i've learned in college... life or whatever.

Whether I was writing to my professors, my PAs or potential employers, formal emails has become a part of my everyday life. But the mundane world of writing, please and thank yous in barf-worthy amounts has made my vocabulary diminish to terms like "barf-worthy."

So what does this lesson help me with other than making me sound like a woman from the the 1940s who worked as a secretary for some masochistic male? Not much else.

But formalities are what i've realized has helped me gain a level of respect and who wants to sound like a 15 yr. old, because otherwise I'd probably be talked to like one.

But I'm surprised that i've survived not typing in a happy face aka :), a "hey! what's up?", or a "dude." Considering my limited linguistic abilities, i've managed to become somewhat considered a grown up with the ability to formulate formal emails.

Obviously someone did not teach me grammar...


Hardbound Vs. Digital

So my commutes to work have become a commonplace in my life now. The wake up and rush to get to the station before the stripe bars cut me off from parking are now an everyday drill. But along with this and my trusty iPod i've written several times about how i've been also reading a lot lately.

So my library has slowly been growing and the stack of books i have to get through has also been growing. The funny thing is though that when you're commuting to work with a laptop, a purse with your belongings, an ipod, a water bottle, sunglasses..etc.. it all gets well.. rather heavy. I'm not saying i'm a wimp. But ever since college (and maybe even into high school) I was always trying to figure out ways to make things lighter. That would entail carrying 1/2 inch binders, 50 page notebooks, leaving books at home and so on. That habit hasn't left me. I dread carrying lunch to work because of the extra weight the Tupperware adds.

Ok, but back to where i was getting at. The new Kindle for Blackberry was released and I decided to download it. If you've heard me rant about how i feel about Kindles and e-Readers, then you know that i'm not a big fan only because i'm yes, i admit, of a materialistic generation. Save the trees yada yada yada I LOVE BOOKS. Whether they are old or new (preferably new with no creases on the spine) I cherish the books i purchase and build my personal library with. But herein lays my dilemma... I've discovered the love of the Kindle for Blackberry.

These past few weeks i read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson off my Blackberry for Kindle and thoroughly enjoyed it! Pressing the space button and seeing the percentage of completion increase and having the book on me at ALL times was incredibly satisfying. I couldn't believe how quickly i got through the book no only because it's a great read (yes, i do recommend the book like every other Salander Saga fan) but because of how easily accessible the book had become to me.

But... of course, when i had completed the book i lacked a sense of fulfillment because i didn't have the book in my library to show for it and more importantly, lend the book to others.

So where do i go from here? Do i continue to buy books, wait for them to arrive, kill a few trees, carry the load and forever have it in my physical library? Or do i deal with the small screen of my BB, have a book online forever, and never share?

O woe. the conundrums of a 21st century girl.


I have this tendency...

that when i step away from my blog and do not write in it for awhile.. i start to avoid it purposefully.

Painfully purposefully.

But I suppose because i've been now blogging for a living it would be nice to blog about things that are more personal to me.


Let's start anew?

I mean i guess that's why i bought a new computer. In order to actually blog, upload, watch, and share more often.

ok. Let's do it.