London Fashion

So people have been asking me since i've gotten to England about how much my fashion has changed.

People, it hasn't.

If anything its gotten worse since i've been here. I wake up in the morning and the only thing that comes to mind is how am i supposed to stay warm today. Then my second thought is... ok, lets put that on. Then i walk out and realize how dodgy i look... absolutely terrible.

London fashion according to Nylon Magazine seems so cool. There are people dressed up with all these snazzy colors with wonderful patterns and seemingly cool ideas. But here in Egham... its just about the same as California/OC status. Everyone wears Uggs (or nameless copies) boots, they wear jean skirts with tights (and uggs), and your regular jersey shirt (with uggs). The only thing that i thought was remotely different was a girl wearing Nudie jeans! NUDIE JEANS!!! Where's all this ravaging London fashion that i'm supposed to be inspired by? Where are you Ms. Westwood, Opening Ceremony, Sonia Rykiel!?!? Obviously not in Egham. I want to see colors and creativity and cuts and labels! i'm such a fashion whore...

a broke fashion whore.

And there in lies the problem! Clothes here are ridiculously expensive. Atleast when it comes in terms of the terrible American currency here. £15 for a T-shirt at Topshop... simple shirt, nothing fancy, = $30+ in the US. The worst thought to have when you're shopping is how much you can really get that for in the states. $15 for £7.50. hmm...

Though i will not lie and say that Urban Outfitters here is much more interesting to walk through. A lot like the boutique American Rag that i worked at in Fashion Island. More names in fashion that isn't usually apparent at Urbans in LA. Your likes of APC, See by Chloe, Goldhawk (who happen to have
fantastic frocks in season right now, and some relatively well priced Paul & Joe Sisters. (www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk)

In any case, both dirtydirtydancing.com and nylon magazine makes me believe that i'm just on the wrong side of town.


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