What happens when you wake up at 6:30 to figure out whether you have class on mondays or not?... pure magic.

So i didn't turn off my lights last night (yes i know you nrg buffs) and at around 6:30 the blaring light from up top was telling me to get up way before my time to turn it off. But then i thought about it and figured I should definitely find out whether i have class or not today because i wasn't sure before i went to bed.


i don't have class.

kaplow! watch the sun come up.

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gnakynnej said...

o i love when that happens.
diesel was having a sale today, and i convinced myself that these red pants were worth it, with 30% off of the original price. thennnnn the cashier told me that they were actually 50% off! fuckya so i bought a wallet :X