Been awhile.

So i promised myself that i would make this a more frequent thing this year and i really need to keep up with it.

so i will give a short update and then i'll upload some pictures later.

i visted the wonderful tina in Milan this weekend and saw Debbie out there was well. we go to spend time together in Venice to celebrate Carnevale, which was absolutely amazing. the costumes the people and just the whole vibe of the place was thriving, even if the rain was pouring. I definitely will not forget this past weekend.

but now running on so little sleep i've forgotten that i had class at 12 this afternoon. thats twice in a row. ugh.

2 kind regards:

gnakynnej said...

a poemme:
look up at the skyris,
the glare will make you cryris.
stop your tears and wipe 'em dryris.
don't forget: you're straight! not biris.
if you have a guyris,
lots of bier, you ask him to buyris.
with beer-battered fish and potato fryris.
chicken is better, esp the thighris.
wear warm clothes, and zip your flyris,
or you might get a cold.. a stupid viris. and you might dieris.
why did i decide to trythis?
o! because i love myris.
i'm all out of words that go with iris,
so i'll talk to you soon, bye byeris iris!

Eh-mi said...

your photos are loverly, iris. :)
- Amy