Mad 24 Hours

This past weekend was such a whirlwind of events that i'm not sure where to begin exactly.

Well, I suppose to start things off, I was a part of 24hr. MFD at UCI this year. With film crew Hush Hush, I thought we were going to be winners. We spent all of Friday night into Saturday filming and being delirious from working off of low carb energy drinks. But with a great concept in mind and a heart to win, we filmed like crazy. And by the 26th waking hour in me, i started to feel the energy in my body trying to grab whatever it could from wherever. I was still standing from the little coffee i drank at McDonalds and some kind of delerium that I can't really describe. Finally around 3 pm we had finished filming. I left when the editting began and left it to the pros to complete whatever was to be finished. Then, i spent one hour sleeping after 30+ hours of not, and I jetted to Kollaboration. The show was really entertaining. Lots of amazing performers and got to see some old faces. I get back to Irvine thinking that our film had already been submitted and knock out. Done.

I wake up this morning and get a call from James. Turns out ... the computer we were working on for the editting portion decided to crap out on us and not transfer the 5 min. film back onto a tape after the editting was done. just five minutes. So we had to forfeit the competition.

James put this whole situation in great perspective,

"It's like reaching the finish line and not being able to cross it."

I mean I can't say that it was the worst thing that has happened to me... but I can definitely tell you that it was one of the most disappointing. You put so much effort into something that seems like it is going to be a winner and end up losing because of something as retarded as an upload. It just burned. A lot.

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