Final Finals

Last thursday I experienced the most emotional day of classes ever in my career as a student. It was just that, I was no longer a student at 5pm. I had completed my term as an undergraduate student at UC Irvine and all I could think about was... what is next?? Given such sorrowful situation, I was delighted to find myself with a five dollar bill on the corner of the bridge between the arts and mesa parking. Only to pay my way into a night of bizarre fun at the coveted Dave n Busters.



In any case, this week is marking my last finals ... and in fact i only have one. So i guess it will be my final final. Having completed everything i'm taking this studying at a glacial pace. Which is worrying me because I should be undertaking more at this point with the work i have to complete with Ocean as well. But none of this phases me as I'm only seeing one thing in my future right now... New York City.

I've missed traveling since.. well Arizona, but still... it'll be nice to complete my studies with this trip and really relish in what the city has to offer.

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SEMAJ said...

last night, i didn't realize how important the phrase "next chapter in our lives" was for you. i apologize for that.

PS: good post :)