Little Pleasures.

Yeah ok, i admit it. I'm one of those people who buy these goddamn expensive Apple electronics, but cannot get myself to pay up the $0.99 to purchase a stupid app or song on iTunes. Yep. That's me.

However, every once in awhile there is an app or an album that will really grab me. And when it comes to music, if i'm particularly moved, i will slap that $0.99 price tag in the face and download the entire album. And somehow this pre-summer season has been just that... 3 weeks in a row and all ABSOLUTELY perfect purchases.

So what's in my playlist this summer so far?

1. Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders :: I'm particularly loving "Prelude" which is a bit more mellow than their other songs on the album, but I dare you to try listening to this album and not dance. . . Dare you.

2. Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin' :: This is one of my biggest Coachella "sacrifices" i had to make when i was out in the fields. It still makes me sad to think that i've missed his performance out there but i guess makes me more determined to see him in the future. Raphael Saadiq's music is just so soulful, old school, and makes me want to wear cat eye glasses while he swoons. This song hits a particular note with me currently.

3. Tokimonsta - Creature Dreams - EP :: Ok, this girl has got talent. And i don't say that because i used to have class with her, but she's seriously one of the most talented DJs. Her newest EP that dropped will bring chills down your spine. It's mesmerizing and I'm spellbound. This is definitely going to be on repeat all summer for me.

What's more? My desire to own a piece of the music beyond the digital copy grows and and just have to get their album in vinyl, skipping CDs en totale.

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