Chicago wrap up

And thus, i'm wrapping up my first city of this three month stint of travels that i am partaking in... for business.

However, today even in the midst of all this exhaustion of working for hours on end for the last week, there was a sort of calm and excitement that washed over me. I had finished my first weekend of a promotion i had broke my back over and i finally got to get some r&r with a few friends, old and new, to see Chicago; a city that i so desperately have wanted to visit. So our crew of four took off for the my favorite night tours and got to see many of the new art endeavors of Chicago. And even when they all had work tomorrow, they were so hospitable and offered to show me around for the sake of my own touristic needs. so thank you, p, l, and e ... who dealt with my obnoxious photo-taking, instagraming and desperate need to see the city before it was well.. closing time.

Tomorrow is DC. Let's go!

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