Barking Dogs

Well, Hello there August. I've jumped right past you July and figured why not just have an affair with the newbie.

its been strange how life seems to be at a constant standstill. time doesn't move, nothing changes and yet somehow... everything still does manage to situate itself differently. August is supposed to full of changes, move ins and outs, finding a job, having a good time, birthdays and the whole shebang. What we've got here is a dead end job at the parent's joint and managing some time to learn French. 10 Minutes a day and i should be ready to leave for Paris.. or montreal. whatever.

The dogs outside bark so loudly that I think they are telling me that I'm back in california. England was so quiet... even crickets didn't seem to be as prevalent. Noise pollution at its best here in southern CA. 

What i need more than anything is to travel again. Something inside me dies every time i receive emails about the the latest deals to the furthest paradise.

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