missing the point

We're into the week nine of school right now and i can't help but think how so many times i've written a blog entry about how times pass so quickly. if thats all that i think about, i wonder if there is something i'm missing. Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and as far as i'm concerned, Professor Bach killed my childhood conception of what thanksgiving is supposed to be like. Especially at the part when the native Americans were all killed by the "grace of God" and that the pilgrims were giving thanks for being the chosen people. Does this make sense? In lieu of this explanation, the new holiday spirit is in place and i am truly excited about thanksgiving. Especially since i haven't been able to take a breather for the last however long its been. School has just totally taken over my life and the small things to get excited for seem to be nonexistent. I'm missing england and i miss my friends from abroad... its not much you can do but wait it out and hope that the feelings become less and less painful.

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