Hello December...

How do you do?

I suppose a funny thing about this month is that it is the last year that my security about a lot of my future seems to end. What I want to do in the following year has never been so much of a question for me since there was always the answer of school. But now that i'm here at the end of the year and next year all i've got is half a year of school left, i wonder what will exactly happen with the rest of it. I'm sure that this has been a question for many seniors and I hardly can believe that i've reached this point in my life where I'm beginning to truly question the future. Honestly, its quite frightening.

On another note, I watched Harry Potter again on ABC family today and couldn't believe how long it had been since i had last watched this film. The best part about it was thinking back on how many times i had gone out to watch a Harry Potter film out at the theaters and who i went with for each one of the situations. Best of all, i remember the first time that i went to go watch Harry Potter and it was when I was in middle school. And now.. what, nearly 10 years later... i think, how much of a difference there has been from the first one to the latest. Even funnier is the fact that now when i listen to the dialogue in the movie, i pick up on small English slang that i would have never figured or heard before. Its incredible... in fact i'm tempted to read the books over again... but maybe not the last two because they were a bit of a drag to read through. But don't get me wrong, i think JK Rowling is still quite the genius.

In any case, finals are this week and all i can think about is how much i'm ready to get them over with. I'm tired of school and i desperately want the winter break to start. This quarter has been a wreck. I've been lost, confused, frustrated, and ready for a milkshake.

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