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So today, Debbie and I were trying sort out some shit for new years eve. We came to the conclusion that

1. we don't want to spend a whole lot of money
2. but go big
3. spend it with the people we love
4. look good doing it.

problem is, LA may provide the hottest night clubs and the spot to be at for NYE but how much is it worth it to party at these places that are asking for $100+ just for entrance? And then on top of that, they pack the place to the point where you can't even get drinks or dance. Some of the shittiest most AZN night clubs even jack up their prices to nearly 125 to the priciest i've seen at $10,500! So deb calls ben and asks him after his years of experience whats a good idea, place or thing to do. And what do we get? we find that in the end its just going back to house parties.

So is that the way to go? or should we learn from our own experiences, go to the crap parties that are way too crowded, find that they are crap, and then go back to house parties?

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