Free Food for Millionaires

There is something strange about me and finishing books. I love relishing in a book for the days that it takes to read it and anticipate the end as it always makes me feel like i've accomplished something... yet by that point i become so consumed by all the characters that i feel somewhat empty after i've finished reading the book.

Take for example

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. It was upon a recommendation of a friend that i read this book and thank goodness i read it. I love how the author takes into consideration each character she presents and gives each of their history not in lots, but as one reads the book. I was so consumed by the characters and their livelihood that it even crossed my mind inbetween my sit downs with the book. Would Casey persist to stay with Unu? Will Ella ever forgive Ted? Can Leah ever face the truth? And once i had completed the ridiculously long book today... i felt empty. In some weird way, i grew antsy and i couldn't shake it off. I wanted to read more and find out about what happened next. Reading becomes like watching a really good tv show before i go to bed.. and now i have to find another book that can keep me captivated like this.

Any suggestions? Otherwise, i'm moving on to a book called Bought that i received for free in a gift bag a spa treatment. Free books always make me a bit wary.

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Abe said...

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