Paris When it Sizzles

Awhile back i bought an Audrey Hepburn DVD pack from Amazon in order to obtain some of her other classics that i don't have in my collection. Within the package came Paris When it Sizzles, and to be honest.. without hearing so many rants and raves about how great this movie is.. i wasn't very interested. And being such a great Audrey Hepburn fan and not seeing the movie, i felt rather guilty. But i proceeded to watch the film tonight.

General thoughts... I actually thought the beginning was good but then it fell of the scale pretty quickly towards the middle. Enough for me to pause, grab a drink, cut some fruit, and then finish the film. I mean this wasn't even War and Peace worthy of a pause. The storyline was creative and probably done before... but I think the fashion of how easily Gaby (Audrey Hepburn) falls for Rick (William Holden) was what actualy made me turn off from this film. I mean even in Funny Face it takes a bit of movement to get Jo Stockton to love Dick Avery. BUT old flicks and the easily chimed chick flicks of it's day... still a classic i would say. Plus William Holden in his drunken bloody mary misery was charming... his wardrobe was also well coordinated if i may add.

A good classic Sunday night.

Let's get ready for another week of work folks!

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