Hipster Pooches

Blessed Literall readers. I’m sorry about my absence and definite delays of updates. I had been overly consumed by the Winter Olympics. Every time i came home from work I would sit and watch until 12am. And then would immediately feel so numbed by television consumption that I would fall asleep. It was definitely an interesting period of doinga lmost absolutely nothing when I got home from work.
ALAS! I am back and will begin March with major blogging overload again. I promise. But I’m definitely alarmed at how quickly the month of February passed so quickly. I think my weeks have been so busy and I’m constantly working on new projects to keep my time occupied which is definitely an exciting period! what do i start off this month of March with?of course! the Website of the Month. This was strangely a tough call but at the same time when i came across this one i couldn't help but laugh and hope that "it" continues. So what is this website??

Ok. So pictures and dressing up your puppy to look indie may be incredibly cute... but what actually cracks me up about this site are the captions...

For the photo above:
barney is more concerned with “dynamic range compression” and “the loudness wars” than the fact that he has shitty taste in music

Here's another favorite...

"popeye insists he doesn’t have “a thing for asian girls,” even though his last four girlfriends have been pekingese"

and lastly...
"punky figured his student loan money would be better spent on a vintage cr78 drum machine he found on ebay"

Ok. Go have a good laugh!

I'm excited about this month! Lots going on!

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