Winter Olympics + Check 3!

First issues first!

I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Without a doubt it's only because i have been coming home from work and going straight into watching the olympics for HOURS until it's suddenly midnight and I'm going straight to bed. Insane!
By the way, may i comment on how many beautiful people are in the winter olympics?!

[Kim Yun Ah - Korea - Women's Figure Skating]
[Mirai Nagasu, Rachael Flatt - USA - Women's Figure Skating]
[Apolo Ohno - USA - Mens Speed Skating]
[J.R. Celski - USA - Mens Speed Skating]
Also one of my favorites!

[Shani Davis - USA - Mens Speed Skating]

[Evan Lysacek - USA - Mens Figure Skating]
He skates in couture by Vera Wang. loveeee.

[Lindsay Vonn - USA - Women's Skiing]

[Scotty Lago, Shaun White - USA - Men's Halfpipe Snowboarding]

god. Who could resist these Double McTwisty Red Curls?!

I'm sure i'm missing all the other international snow bunnies, but i'll come around once the games are over and i notice more cuties.



SO! remember my goal of 20 subscribers by the end of the new year? Well guess what! I've reached it in a mere 1 1/2 months! I guess getting your blog out there and having people reading it isn't as hard as i assumed it would be. But many thanks to the twenty people who have subscribed to my blog! I feel like i've hit a milestone and it makes me determined to blog more and more consistently.

2 kind regards:

Sandy C said...

i heart the olympics too! they are soo fun to watch! this is a great roundup of beautiful people. and yes, those red curls are ummmm cool, hahaha!

Nathan said...

i would like to add gretchen bleiler (women's halfpipe) to this list :D