So, I wrote a post earlier this year about bicycles and how much i fell in love with riding them again when i was in europe... And this past weekend I went out to the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop in LA... what can i say? I found it.

The bike of my dreams.

The Pashley Britannia.

This English bike gave me that same feeling when I put on my senior prom dress and knew that it was THE dress. THAT exact "match made in heaven" feeling tingled past every nerve as i took it for a test spin around the store's neighborhood. This is no joke. I almost cried when i walked away from the bike... why?

because the asking price is close to $1200.

I know many of you are like "that's ridiculous, why would anyone pay that much for a bike?" But The reason is because it's a beauty and it rides sooo amazingly smooth. I guess i'll never be happy with riding my car to work as i'm constantly looking for other ways to commute.

2 kind regards:

Anonymous said...

Silly Iris, people don't ride bikes in LA.

Hannah K. Lee said...

now you have to post your prom picture. :D :D :D :D