Big time like KOBE!

Holy cow!

i've been saying that a lot lately..

Holy cow! i'm old. i can't believe that my birthday has just come and gone. And in the midst of the quiet and sorta regular day i had, it was actually really special.

I feel like a lot of times people forget to be grateful for the people that make their lives worthwhile. Yeah, thank god for facebook birthday reminders, but on the real... all my buddies who called or texted me today was really meaningful. I know that everybody has their own lives and run about doing what they gotta do.. but man, it feels nice to be acknowledged on just that one day.

Big ups to my family for dinner and late LATE night candle/cake session. Nobody left the table until my day was up... then again, I didn't let anyone leave the table until the clock struck 12 and the day was over. That's how amazing they are. :)

and tomorrow?
we eat more!!!

and the day after?

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