24 life

Yesterday was such a great way for me to celebrate my 24th. Took over a quiet pub in downtown and gathered some of my closest friends with a healthy amount of alcoholic beverages. I would have to say that some of the high lights of the night definitely were seeing all my amazing friends drive out to this sketch area and the pictures!!! I know that i don't have them available for your viewing pleasure here... And to be quite honest it had to do with the fact that I lost my digital camera a few weeks back but was inspired by my friend, Phil, to bust out the film and instants. So i got to wallk away from the night with a stack of instant fujimax films and a roll of very interesting photos to be revealed from my stupidly chunky Canon Autoboy. The expressions of everyone taking pictures with that camera was priceless. Everyone would first ask, "what the he'll is this!?!" because yes the thing is quite the relic... Then after having trouble finding the viewfinder the funniest was seeing the automatic look at the back of the camera like it would reveal what the film had captured like a normal digital camera. So great!

But beyond that i was truly blessed by the people who came out and just hung out. It really is so great to see all your friends on occasions like last night. Eespecially since when you're done with college it's so much harder to cone by. Love them all so much.

So year 24 you've got quite the challenge ahead of you since 23 proved to be insanely eventful. I've got visions and I want to make shit happen. Now it's up to me to do it.

Oh and good news, I found my camera. Thankfully not in a pot this time. Um... But that's a story for another time. Goodnight world.

2 kind regards:

pax aeternum said...

so, i'm going to add you on my blog as one of my 'of peace and people.'

and second, mark mentioned that i was linked on this post. i didn't have a clue until he told me tonight as we were celebrating his gf's (elyzabeth) birthday party in itaewon.

lastly, keep on bloggin, and keep shooting film. it makes photography that much more exciting. :)

pax aeternum said...

ok so my previous comment got deleted, but i just wanted to say thank you for the blog reference. i was aware of this through a mutual friend of ours mark (elyzabeth h.) you should post your fujimax films, unless i already saw them somehow. i think i might have... who knows, but keep experimenting with film cause there's a whole nother world out there waiting to be remembered.