Want to be interviewed?

Ok, so maybe it's more like reaching the end...

but i'm trying here..

So i've definitely fallen off this blogging scale. I feel so disconnected when i'm online all day and I don't feel any desire to blog about anything when blogging has become my career.


But good news! This Saturday I'm going to be putting my creative juices to work by actually doing some filming! A new project of interviews is going to begin and I can't wait to document some really interesting people. Although i'd like to think as a visionary and hope that i will be showing in Cannes one day... this personal project of mine is purely a manner of filming people. I know that we are always taking pictures of friends and trying to relive memories through photos... but wouldn't it be nice to be a subject of an interview? have 20+ years pass and you can watch this video of yourself talk.

about nonsense probably..

but atleast it's there.

I have to record my parents cooking as well.

Much to do.

note: would you like to be interviewed? Let me know.

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