The New Year.

Happy (insanely belated) New Year!

It's been quite the eventful New Year if you ask me.

In fact, prior to it even beginning my world got flipped from underneath me and it's brought me through the New Year with feelings I've never had before. Elusive? Yes, but i'm in a happy place, its not a bad thing.

Already i feel like i've planned out the year ahead of me. With so many events happening in the next few months i wouldn't be surprised if my entries for 2011 are just as sparse as 2010. What's more, i haven't made any commitments to blog more. That can't be good. But i suppose the least i can do is blog as much as i can for whenever i remember to do so.

Here's a great update though. As far as picking up an active hobby for the new year, it's actually coming to fruition! Lo and behold, i've purchased a new bicycle and i'm so very VERY excited about riding it. Stay tuned for pictures.

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