Window Cleaning.

documented with mom's cam.
It's been miserably rainy the last few days here in the usual sunny southern california. I think it's all stemming from last week's insane 80+ degree weather and how citizens of socal wanted to shove it in everyone's face about how great it's been. But who cares, we get our cars and windows cleaned.

So previously i wrote a post about having this great day and having all these great finds but found myself in the unfortunate position of losing a lot of my possessions one night out on the town. The car's window got busted and.. you get the picture. It was a learning experience, to say the least, and I wish nobody the terror of that night. In other good news though... or bad... the plight with my ever lost camera has forever been lost. And thus the journey to find a new one begins.

or maybe it's a sign for me the quit taking pictures all together and reflect on the importance of viewing... on my own.

mmm... nah, i doubt that.


other news. i think i'm finally going to buy a bicycle this year.

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