Portland, OR.

When I told people that i was going on a trip to Portland with my family the general reaction of everyone was "What?! Why Portland?" And funny enough, even while we were on our flight to Portland my mom turned to my dad and asked, "Where is it that we're going again?" Wherein my dad and I would laugh our funny inside joke laugh and then point out where Portland was on a map to my silly mother.

But what I guess i didn't reiterate to people was that my dad is an avid photographer and he wanted to actually scope some of the beautiful landscape that surrounds Portland, and not so much the city itself. And though i was more excited to check out the city, as a lot of what traveling in my books means eating and exploring local culture, it was actually pleasant to be out in the woods and the ocean away from most civilization. Granted most of the trip was miserably rained out, I was able to put to use some of the tips my dad had given me on taking pictures.

And here... after years of not doing a photo update to a blog of my own actual photos (and not just one photo like the previous entry) is a huge step of 5 whopping pictures! Enjoy.

However, i will say though that i was a bit disappointed to not run into Fred Armisen's "Bike Rider" character on the streets during the brief moments we were passing through the city.

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