A certain sort of small.

Earlier this evening i was watching TV and of course, as it is a Monday evening, Mr. Anthony Bourdain was on. I don't know if i've mentioned this earlier, but No Reservations is probably one of my favorite unscripted shows of all time. Lets not forget my bizarre and strange obsession with medical docus about morbidly obeses folks, but Tony Bourdain manages to capture my heart and gives me a joy for an hour every week of true tunnel vision. This past week's episode took me and the rest of his viewers to Haiti for something that rocked me in the same caliber of the recent Paris and Rome episode this past season, but in a completely different manner.

Watching these people in the ruins of their the quake that happened last January, it was shocking to really see how much damage had occurred. The images, the emotions, and the attitudes of Haitians was just seething from my TV into my living room and engrossing me in every way. Granted No Res is all about the enjoyable travel experiences including food and culture and exploration... this really took a raw look a country and city that went through so much pain. I won't go into lengths about what the episode actually covers, but let's just say that emotionally...i felt small.

i just felt so small.

And those who understand what I am talking about, know exactly what i'm talking about.

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