This morning I woke up and felt utterly in the pits. Tired, in a sour mood, and simply under a cloud ... I couldn't shake myself awake. But halfway to work, i looked up Westmoreland and was reminded of a wonderful pick-me-up... coffee. Brilliant Intelligentsia Coffee from Bourbon St. Cafe.

I will admit to you that coffee and i were never in a long term relationship. Coffee would call to me sometimes in high school and in college, but in the forms of sweet lattes and stupidly caloric white chocolate mochas. However, in recent times i've truly grown to love this beverage and in probably the form that people don't like... black coffee... dark as soot.

What could change someone to go from liking the Moroccan mint tea lattes and pumpkin spice blended? A taste of truly thoughtful black coffee. Does that even make sense? I'll elaborate. I sipped my first Ethiopian blended coffee last year via Barista Paul and somehow it's set a standard. All the care that Paul put into preparing the coffee and the time he took to explain what i should be tasting completely awed me. Coffee from McDonalds for $1 could no longer suffice. I walk into Starbucks and cringe at the way their baristas prepare each drink. I had been turned into a snob... a coffee snob. Goodness, what deep end will i fall off next?

In any case, the beautifully prepared coffee from Bourbon Street really jumpstarted me and why am i writing about coffee at night?

because of this song...

It just spoke to me all day.

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Mark said...

I am with you on this one soul sister.