I was just driving back from hanging out with ev and this song by Mumford & Sons came on. And now I'm addicted. I know that Mumford & Sons is seriously blowing up the scene right now after their stellar Grammy's performance, but how could they not be with songs like this one...

But wow, what a beautiful day. I started my day walking to Kaldi's with my mom. We had such an amazing conversation and she really gave me some insight about things happening in my life right now. I think that as I've grown older she's really becoming one of my best friends and i can't express how much i appreciate her. So we had some great coffee, shared a muffin, and headed back home.

Then, I met my good friend ev in Old Town to do some lady pampering, which was so nice. I had a ball sitting in those pedicure tub/massage/lounge/la-z boy chairs and getting my toes done with "cute as a button" nail polish. Those names always kill me.

It was SUCH a nice day that ev and i just roamed around old town and browsed the shops drinking our iced coffee and lemonade. I was in SUCH a good mood that i wasn't even fazed by the fact that i got a parking ticket for $45 for overrunning my meter by 3 minutes! (parking nazis)

I'm just on cloud nine today...

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