Therapy in Many Ways

People have a tendency to exert their anger or frustrations in multiple ways. Some love to run, some love to eat, and some love to write. Unfortunately, I have been given the amazing ability to clear my head with the swipe of a credit card.

Retail Therapy.

I was in a funk this afternoon due to some cranky people at work and couldn't get myself out of it. The only thing i could think of was how  a purchase at the wonderful Anthropologie would make me feel better. And to be honest, i hate being that girl who has to shop to make herself feel better on a not so hot day. But to no avail i stepped into the decadently scented Anthro with nothing else in mind except to buy buy  buy. I walked by the accessories, the dresses, and the vivid sale section. I stopped by the lush fabrics in the bedding section. Held the beautiful glass cups and goblets in the light of the kitchen ware section. I smelled every soap, perfume, and candle that was around. By this point i'm sure i looked like another looney who wanders a store for much too long. In any case, after about an hour and half i had made some damage on my cc and walked out without a frown.

Again, as much as i hate being this "confessions of a shopaholic" type, this was my hour and half away from dumb reality. I was able to escape from my worries and really just care about if this color would go with that color. But maybe in the end...

It's time to find a new kind of therapy.

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