Up in Smoke

I understand that the Station fires happening right now in LC and other parts of the greater los angeles county have been pretty frightening and damn well horrible for our lungs, but i can't help but admire the sunsets.

Like today the sun looked like it was a bleeding a hot red and melting beneath clouds where there are no words for it's color. It was frighteningly beautiful.

But i've come to sadly realize that a Southern California summer without any brush fire is a strange summer. one that is out of order and one that needs to be put back into order. But every year i hear about fires, i see fires, i smell fires and can't help but wish that people stop making fires happen. It's like the perpetual mixed feelings of watching them in awe and being absolutely angered by it all. I drive up the 110 daily and can't help but try to stop the tears that keep mustering behind my eyes because of the horrible situation this is causing on so many lives. I've become so much more emotional in light of natural/unnatural human disaster.

which reminds me

don't watch the History Channel's special on the failing infrastructure of america. That has led me to believe that every bridge in america will crumble. The kind of fear that happens when you cross the arts building bridge in Irvine the first time as a freshman and somehow miss a step and lurch forward. And then you think "Am i crazy? or is this bridge moving??"

Breath of fresh air

I get a chance to breathe every now and again even despite the horrific air conditions right now. Today's breath of fresh air (i sound like NPR radio) couldn't have happened without the purchase of a few tickets and a drink of tea. I can't say that this person was quite a good friend of mine.. we're hardly acquaintances.. but we sat down and talked for hours. I felt immediately comfortable sharing things with him and listening to all his great stories. I couldn't help but feel at ease and hope that the coffee shop didn't close so quickly. I've come to realize that sometimes strangers have the excellent quality to take you for who you are at the moment and not based on whats happened in the past. Granted, he wasn't completely a stranger and maybe we just make great conversationalists... but it was a great way to put my evening away.

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