Cinema vieux.

Whenever I watch old films and see them on my small computer screen or on my family's television, I wonder what it would have been like to see these films during their heydays in the movie theater. The whole experience of watching a film in a theater is so completely different from that of your living or bedroom. I love going to the movies to sit in the seats, have the lights dim, everyone shut up, and just be completely immersed in the imagery and sound of the film. Although today, going to the movie theater is more like an investment rather than a leisure activity, I've longed to watch classic films in the theater.

Lucky for us who live in Los Angeles, this feat is quite possible...

Some places and films to be excited about...
+ C, my friend from ms/hs brought this theater to my attention because for the eve of V-day (otherwise popularly known as SADay), they are showing Audrey Hepburn's two classic films of Breakfast and Sabrina. To this day, the scene where Holly Golightly and Paul "Fred" kiss at the end of the movie is my favorite Hollywood kiss. It's the rain... it makes everything so much more dramatic.

+ I've been on this theater since the summertime... and funny enough they are featuring Summertime with another classic Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn that is. This theater is cool because they actually feature some really old stuff but will get the ball rolling again on some recent, being the 90s, shows. In other words, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Bottle Rocket are soon to be on.

+ Need I really explain more?

+ Considered one of the most recognizable buildings on Sunset Blvd next to Amoeba Records, a lot of people are unaware of the Arclight's Presents nights. I mean aside from their usual features, this theater boasts a really awesome past of presenting movies from the past and people who were involved with the film. Upcoming features include East of Eden, Malcolm X, and tomorrow night Casablanca. Producers, Cinematographers, and occasionally the actors of these films will come and speak for a little bit and then audiences get to relax and watch the film in all it's Arclighting gloriousness. Also their location in Sherman Oaks does these Arclight Presents nights. And a word to the 21+ crowd, they have 21+ Screenings with current films as well. No, not porn... just cocktails and a movie.

Oh the woes of Hollywood... I live in an amazing city. Yes, I admit it.

Did i just give some people amazing valentine's day date ideas?


I've always wanted to be kissed in the rain like this...

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