Website of the Month

So every month I've decided to start logging some websites that have caught my fancy and will continue to catch it for the years to come... granted they stay in business.

ValetMag.com wins the first month of me ever doing this and that's because it's just so good for all guys! i mean
truly... all men should look at this website. I know my 16 followers {yay!} are mainly girls but please share with your boyfriends, boys who are friends, and boy toys the wonders of Valetmag.com. You will truly be surprised with how much they will learn from this.

It's actually funny because I got a book for Ottoban by Esquire Men about how to dress and i thought that the guide was genius. But it's all accessible now for guys at Valet. And anyway, who doesn't love really awesome illustrations to guide the lost fashion soul in boys?

please forward this website to the men in your lives.

1 kind regards:

simplemente said...

nice. i'll definitely be forwarding that to danny. haha