Things I learned in College : Lesson 1.

How to write an formal email.
This is a series of lessons i've learned in college... life or whatever.

Whether I was writing to my professors, my PAs or potential employers, formal emails has become a part of my everyday life. But the mundane world of writing, please and thank yous in barf-worthy amounts has made my vocabulary diminish to terms like "barf-worthy."

So what does this lesson help me with other than making me sound like a woman from the the 1940s who worked as a secretary for some masochistic male? Not much else.

But formalities are what i've realized has helped me gain a level of respect and who wants to sound like a 15 yr. old, because otherwise I'd probably be talked to like one.

But I'm surprised that i've survived not typing in a happy face aka :), a "hey! what's up?", or a "dude." Considering my limited linguistic abilities, i've managed to become somewhat considered a grown up with the ability to formulate formal emails.

Obviously someone did not teach me grammar...

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