Things I learned in College : Lesson 2.

Always stock your pantry with cereal and fridge with milk.

I'm not joking. For me these two combined are like the forces of elements creating this earth. ok, maybe not that monumental but it definitely has always been a part of my daily life.

Granted i ate cereal and milk on a daily basis since I was i don't know how old... it essentially kept me alive all throughout college. the combination of the new are an amazing breakfast but for me i crave it as a treat outside of normal breakfast hours. i could not stop eating this stuff. Ask my roommates! I bought milk on a weekly basis. Would finish the milk on a weekly basis. And could not get enough of my cereals. Even while i was in England, there would always be a box of cereal and those annoying little plastic cartons of milk from Tescos in the hall fridge.

I kinda miss that Winnie the Pooh Stars cereal exclusive to Tescos...

In any case, since my move back home my parents have been generally stellar at buying cereal and milk. My dad for some reason even knew when i was coming home that he would have to hit up Costco to stock up. Literally, he called me before i came back and asked which cereal i preferred to eat (so nice). but like any budding relationship, or one that was rebudding, my dad grew tired of buying me cereal and milk when buying dog food became apparently more important. So, one week, i had no cereal or milk. Devastating. Left me feeling empty.

Physically and emotionally.

... which reminds me... i should probably buy cereal and milk for work now.

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simplemente said...

haha. i just finished a bowl of cereal myself. i go to sleep happy thinking about the cereal i'll be eating in the morning. yup, i do that.

simplemente said...

-_- i think i left two comments because i thought it didn't go through...turns out you just have to approve them. -_-