Things I learned in College : Lesson 3.

Listen and read the news, but try not to get too emotionally invested.
local news is not included, sorry.
When I got into college and about my Sophomore year, I decided that it was important for me to read, watch and listen to the news. Also being an International Studies major, i guess i figured that it was something I SHOULD do. But eventually this should turned into a major fascination/obsession. My roommate at the time could probably tell you about the times i would bring up anything from CNN I would read. It actually became ritual to my day.

I would click on the headlines, then follow up on any of the past stories i was reading, and then check top stories. If it was something really interesting I would then take the liberty of linking it to friend's Facebook pages and maybe even email it to someone.

But as you know, and anyone does know, the news isn't all filled with bubblegum and flowers and candy. It's really heavy.. and at times I would cave into these deep thoughts about what i had read and feel seriously ill afterward. My desire to read these news articles and be emotionally moved by every single one of them caused me to get sick!

I remember at one point, althought i can't remember precisely what got me, but i had to stop reading the news. So in one whole determined move, i shut myself off from the world. I became happier temporarily... and then i felt empty again of the information i used to steep myself in daily. So i had to get back into it.. but slowly and without so much information.

But ultimately, what reminded me of this lesson was that in the morning i listen to NPR. Yes, i am a nerd. My radio alarm clock goes straight into Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne talking about the daily happenings around the world. But with the recent news of the miners who died because of the explosion, brought me to tears one morning. The thought of these men with families who were waiting for them to come home as usual from a day at work and then receive a phone call to find that they had been involved in an accident was too much to bear. I had forgotten how heart wrenching listening to the news could be again.

But this time, I'm not going to fold back to not listening to the news in the morning... it's more about checking my emotions. Therefore, leaving enough to be involved with the coverage but to stop when it could ruin my day.

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estef.cho said...

Mm.. I know what you mean.. my Spanish mom always turns the channel when the news comes on because it makes her depressed.. so she watches trash TV instead.. lol

:) said...

i like. this is one of the more important lessons i learned in college as well... how can one try to be successful in the world when they don't even know what's going on? my homepage used to be cnn, maybe i should change it back so i start reading more :P