Holy Rollin'

And it still isn't really over.

i've worked from 9:00 straight until 6:30pm... then went to the gym... and came back to finish working.


more interesting things.

I've recently been obsessed with actor Jesse Eisenberg (blame the Social Network) and watched Holy Rollers on Netflix. I really loved how Jesse Eisenberg played the part of this orthodox Jewish kid who really just wanted to do right for his family, but fails.. miserably. But what really got me about the film was actually the soundtrack. Granted the film is all about drugs and losing innocence, the music really melded well with the movie. Created by Remix Artist Collective, who doesn't sell any of their music through iTunes. Not super shocking I guess, but was refreshing to purchase music this way.

In any case, the song "If you Forget me" and "House Party" are on repeat. ... and "Sushi" as well.. just give it a listen. You'll get why.

RAC x HOLY ROLLERS by Remix Artist Collective

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