List ten good things...

It's really sad I think if you can't list ten good things that have happened to you in a day... So I'm going to try... Besides the redundant 'happy to be alive' one.

One. My mom cut fruit for me today and they were delicious.
Two. I refrained from drinking soda.
Three. My work blog received a fair amount of viewers.
Four. Got complimented on my hair.
Five. Chatted with a new friend.
Six. Hung out with old friends.
Seven. Admired the beautiful jcrew holiday catalog
Eight. Messaged an old friend in Korea
Nine. House of honey
Ten. Blogging myself to bed.

1 kind regards:

simplemente said...

i love your blog. it's like a breath of fresh iris :) i just read through all the posts i needed to catch up on. i miss you friend and hope you're doing well!