Pictures to Prove Nothing.

It was one of those days...

Let me describe just the kind of day it was in my unphotographic memory.. and lack of having pictures.

I woke up this morning feeling well-rested and eager to finish Billy Elliot. I will confess and say that I have never actually seen the film so seeing it in full length of over the last few nights and into the morning, probably did not do it justice, but it did do me right. I was head over heels for this kid and his maturity in the film as well as the father-son relationship that was taking place. Interestingly enough, it seems that Netflix has picked up on my trend, seeing that I watched Finding Bobby Fisher recently. So I cried at the appropriate times and cheered all between 8am to 9am. Wonderful.

Then I was off to Santa Monica with J to do a location scout out at the Annenberg Beach House. Beautiful house, rather cold events hall, but overall wonderful feeling to be back out by the ocean. We witnessed the beginning of a wedding taking place by the shore and the whole scene was so lush. The crowd of about 80 guests were all seated and waiting for the bride, kids were running around, late comers were waving to fellow family members, and the waves and the wind felt like they were in tune with the guitarist.

Lunch was then enjoyed at Le Pain Quotidien, a personal favorite, and we decided to do some minor damage to our credit cards considering how (un)wealthy we both are. Amazing finds. But one particular gem i'd like to express. My new leather jacket. I'm a huge fan of leather jackets and for the longest time was kicking myself in the shin for having not bought one while I was in London. The peril of not having one for the time I've been back to the states killed me, eating away at my heart every time I tried one on and it just wasn't it. I could never find the perfect one... yes, it's that serious. But lo and behold, we end up going to All Saints, a London based store, and I find it. It! It is beautiful. Grey, gorgeous zipper details, beautiful fleece lined hood, and fits like a glove. After a painful, yet somewhat relieving purchase, I walked out with a new key piece in my wardrobe. And the irony of buying the jacket from London based shop just makes me laugh.

Thereafter, i met up with my old friend T, who i can't honestly say i've kept in great touch with. Nevertheless, we had some coffee at a local shop, reminisced, updated, and reveled in our love for our small town. I was thoroughly impressed with what he's been doing with his life, and how he's grown up into this man who is passionate about what he does. We stepped outside when the cafe started to set up the jazz band playing and it was so beautiful. The sun was setting, clouds were on fire, the train was whirring past us every few minutes, and a cool breeze drove away the earlier heat of the day. It was just so nice having a moment to sit down and enjoy everything around me.

Once T had set off on his bike, I walked across the street and noticed the old video store's lights were on and there was hustle bustle happening. What was this? A new used music and bookstore in town? ... Well, of course, I walked in and was just so delighted. Bee-lined to the music, and laughed at the collection but was SO excited to have found a Doors LP from their night at the Hollywood Bowl. Why this album in particular? Well, I recently watched the Doors' documentary, When You're Strange, and fell madly in love with Jim Morrison. They do a particular bit in the documentary about the performance at the Hollywood Bowl, and i have this weird thing about the Hollywood Bowl and how many incredible acts have come through that venue. So with the LP and a Taschen London Interiors book in hand, I was one happy camper.

Great, great Sunday.

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