Dear me.

Lots has happened since i've last blogged. The king of Pop died (RIP MJ), an angel fell (RIP FF), i've graduated officially from university, and now i have a nearly 3month old puppy - who is probably big enough to eat my hand off already. I suppose in that time though the self is what is important (in all self-loving ways) and that i, mySELF, have been tested over this period. and that in this search for SELF i've figured out a lot.

So it's been a trying period for me these past two/three weeks yet i'm finally learning things about myself that i thought would never have occurred. it's a beautiful thing i swear.

Moving forward, I've been meaning to finally get a creative outlet and I suppose my blog is the best place to start.

But by having a stolen camera, pressed for time from work, and time spent with my precious Ritzy... where is the time?

Then again, I finally got some prints off my Holga.. i should just ask f'in overpriced Samy's to just load my pictures on a CD-R. F'ers.

ask for my PPFFCC mix. it's pretty damn good.


1 kind regards:

SEMAJ said...

welcome back