A special highlight

"Hello? Cardinal here!"

A special highlight of my day was speaking with the guy who takes the pharmacy's orders for certain wholesale generic brand drugs. What usually is composed of a 5 minute order where lots of numbers get tossed here and there, turned out to be a fullfledged 20 minute conversation on life. So this guy tells me about his life.. i mean not everything but enough for me to know that his 26 year old sounding voice is actually 35 and that he's married with a kid. But he tells me during this conversation how fortunate i am to be graduated now when the economy has decided to take a turn for the worse in this economic travesty. His reasons? Cut backs on school spending. greatly affected the future kids who are middle/high schoolers now. I suppose i thought we were the unfortunate generation, the "nobody can get a job" era, the failure to have a specialization leads to unemployment age, but no... there are kids out there who may be dreaming as big as we did.. but will not even get the opportunity to forge their dreams and culture their desires because a school can't fund certain classes, will not open registration for a semester, or completely slice out certain curriculum. scary thought.


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