When I'm Old...

So i found out today that my grandma has decided not to let the rest of the family in America take care of her but instead will be staying in Korea. Although I am not particularly happy with this decision, I cannot help but give her some credit for fighting this one out on her own. She decided that Korea is where she is comfortable and refuses to believe that just because there is family in the states that she will ultimately be happy here instead. But out of all this uproar in the family, I began to wonder if I would be the same if I got to be as old as my grandmother.

Though people could consider this situation to be senile and stubborn of my grandmother.. i don't particularly believe that it is. She has already given living in America a try and it did not go over too well... plus, she has friends and relatives (siblings) who come see her much more often than i see my brother now. I suppose in this whole situation it made me wonder how much people are willing to refuse what others think is best for them and do what they think is best for themselves instead. I want to be able to live like my grandmother when I'm her age. Not to say that i want to be alone with no nuclear family around... but more so that even after years of being dependent on a significant other, there is still stability and the strength to stand on one's own two feet. I suppose the only thing is to be supportive of her and make sure she hasn't hurt herself.

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