Finding your strength

So, I'm a huge advocate for personality tests and explanations that follow thereafter. So you'll see i'm in tune with being an ENFJ on MyersBriggs, a number 7 on the enneagram, and a orange in colors (wow 10th grade anyone?). It isn't an obsessive need to know what kind of person i am... but rather a means to tell me how to improve the person i am or if not allocate why i react the way i do in certain situations. I also think that these personality tests do well in explaining a lot about a person's personality in words when not thought of otherwise. Also, its really interesting for me to see how i am with other people - it gives deeper meaning why i don't get along with some people and why others create synergy with me. And in light of all of various personality tests that are out there.. i've taken to another one!

Yena and Evelyn had told me about this one called the Strengths Finder by Tim Roth (a NYtimes #1 Bestseller). The book actually gives you what you will find out about yourself after you take an online test provided with a code exclusive to you after purchasing the book. It felt somewhat backwards to me, but i understood where it was taking me. After a 30 min slew of questions about things that seemed very relevant, somewhat relevant, and neutral to me it led me to five Top Strengths. As they like to put it..

So what am i?

1. Woo
2. Activator
3. Communication
4. Futuristic
5. Adaptability

Pretty spot on if you ask me.

But more importantly, what i enjoyed about this book was not only the little snippet they gave giving detailed information of each strength, but its checklist of things that will help in managing these strengths. The checklist gives you a place to really evaluate your strength and nuture it to be stronger. Because the Strength Finder isn't trying to spot your weaknesses and improve them so as to become more "equal" and "balanced" in life. It's a means to gain even more strength by your strengths and to care for what you're good at. ie. your Talents. Excellent book i would say... somewhat geared more towards the office world but nevertheless i'm excited to read about other people's strengths if they take this test as well.


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greg said...

i did this..and it said i have no strengths. should i be concerned?