Setting and Rising.

The way the sun comes down at an earlier time towards the end of august and into september are always really sad reminders to me of how summer is winding down. Somehow driving home from work today through Figueroa in downtown made me think about England and Egham and just the year i had a abroad again. I think one of the most thrilling feelings and also really sad feelings was when the term was ending and summer was beginning and the days in England were getting incredibly longer - marking another end to a journey to the end of a season.

I specifically remember one night where many of us were hanging out at Kingswood and the drivers from the SU had been going back and forth from the parking lot. Me, being slightly hammered, yelled to the driver and asked if i could ride with him for the rest of the night until his shift ended. At around 3am i saw the sun start to change the deep shade of black blue in the sky to a hazy purple, orange, and red. I was completely taken by how early the night was turning into day and the stunning colors in the change. I shared a really sweet moment with that driver too. We talked about music, life in LA compared to England, family, friends, partying, the weather.. all of it. I expressed to him how much i'd miss this place, how i wish i met more people, and how it was unfortunate to make friends with someone so late in the game. He laughed and joked how i was already due back for a visit before i left. And with that the hours passed and students were all dropped off at their homes. The sky had turned into a cloudy blue as he took me for one last spin around the town and Royal Holloway before dropping me back off at block 7. Gave me a hug and wished me luck.

i never got his name or friended him on facebook. - it was something i shared quietly with myself as a good moment between a person and enjoyed it for what it was. A short summer night.

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great story :)