Wasting Time

I would like to consider myself an active person.. someone who is on the go and constantly needing to do something with her hands. But today i felt like a vegetable. I suppose driving to the dentist and exploring old town with Chris was attempts to accomplish things... but i came home with the idea that i would rest easy and then study a bit..

one thing leads to another.. i see fresh fruit salad in the refridgerator.. i sit on couch.. click on the telly.

game over.

I sat for HOURS watching and watching and watching.

Cake Boss, True Life MTV I'm addicted to porn, Cake Boss, Diners Drive Ins and Dives, ABDC, Law and Order SVU, Mystery Diagnosis, Training Day, Cake Boss, Gymnastics on NBC...

MY GOODNESS! just too much tv.

I think i really need to set myself a limit from now on about how much tv i'm allowed to watch. Exerting some self-control and when to simply just turn off the TV. And it doesn't stop at TV.. i think i really need to control how much time i spend online on YouTube as well. And honestly... even how i read books. I know reading is a good thing but not when it's already 3am and i think there are 100 pages left i can finish it.. and i end up staying up another hour or so.

exerting self-control.

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